Sunday, February 26, 2006

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I am a A Copper Dragon!

Hey, I took the online Inner Dragon quiz and found out I am a Copper Dragon on the inside.

In the war between good and evil, Copper Dragons take the side of the noble and good....
When it comes to the powers of Chaos vs. those of Law and Order, your inner dragon walks a fine line between Law and Chaos....
As far as magical tendancies, Magical spells come as natural to the Copper Dragon as breathe from it's body....
During combat situations, whether by spells or by claw, your inner dragon will do whatever it takes to get the job done....
Copper Dragons make their homes on wooded hillsides, preferably close to a spring or river. They are fond of the Irish and typically speak with a soft Irish accent.'
At birth, the Copper Dragon's body is covered in semi-reflective copper scales. As the dragon matures into it's young adult stages these scales become more polished and highly reflective.'
As the dragon grows older and moves to the elder stages of life, it's scales begin to tarnish and mature into a bright greenish brown color. Copper dragons spend little time among humans, but can be often found among the elves and other magical folk.
This Dragons favorite elements are: Copper, Emeralds, and Laughter


Olympic Gold!!

Whew!! I did it!! The magic shawl is done. I didn't think I would do it, but a couple of long nights of knitting finally pulled me through. Unfortunately, Tony has taken my camera with him to Texas, so no photos are avaliable just now.

Why is Tony in Texas? Well, Randa, our neice who was due to deliver on March 17th went into labor early on Friday. I guess her baby decided to come out and see the world early. Unfortunately, too early. Little miss Tynlee, born 4 weeks early, is having major breathing troubles. The lower lobes of her lungs are not inflating. So, she had to be med flighted to the med center at Lubbock, Tx. There was a delay in getting her to Lubbock because the night they wanted to fly her, a big thunderstorm moved in and the chopper couldn't fly and the incubator thing is too big to fit into most ambulances. So, they had to wait until either the storm blew over or they could locate a special ambulance that could handle such a big incubator PLUS the crew of nurses that had to go with her.

Anyway, the phone was ringing off the hook with seemingly hourly updates and Tony was literally walking the floor. All this is just horrible for Randa. 4 years ago she gave birth to a son, Jordy, and he lived 2 days but then he died. They found out after he was born that his umbilical cord was too short and the placenta tore and he was oxygen starved during the birth. If Randa loses this baby, I believe she would literally grieve herself to death. Tony couldn't stand NOT being there for Randa and I couldn't stand seeing him fret so badly just waiting for the phone to ring. When he said that he felt like he needed to go to Texas to be with the family I thought that he should go. After we lost the girls in '04, family is so precious and nothing is more important.

So anyway, he's got my camera. And, the greatest news of all is that he calls and reports that the doctor says that he thinks that Tynlee is turning the corner and getting some better. Tony said she is so tiny and so beautiful and has a headfull of hair. He said when the nurses mess with her she gets mad and just cries so she is a fighter! I told him that the crying is probably good for her and it strengthens her little lungs.

I already miss him and I'll be ready for him to be home. I'm praying for Randa and the baby so much that I know that when the phone rings up there in heaven that God already knows who it is on the line before he picks it up.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006


Well, I'm making great progress on my shawl. I'm at the halfway point. Halfway, that is if I stop at the medium size. If I choose to continue on to make the large size, I'm 1/3rd of the way done - minus the edging. I read ahead to the edging part of the pattern and it immediately freaked me out so I stopped reading. I hope Alissa stays close to home so I can get her on the speed dial when I get to that point in the pattern cuz it looks like total greek to me right now. It's probably clear as a bell, but right now it's clear as mud. But, as Ms. Twig the pattern, trust the pattern, trust the pattern. Yes ma'am, I know!
For the last two days I have been glued to the TV watching curling. At first I was like what the heck are they doing? What is the point here?? It looks like a combination of bowling, pool, darts and marbles. So I had to look it up on the web. Now that I understand the game, I am totally into it and think that it is a very cool game. I just wonder where in the world do these people practice?
So far, the US Olympic skaters haven't impressed me very much. I just don't think that they are skating with very much heart like they have in past years. But boy I tell you what, that poor Chinese girl who fell SO hard last night, and went on to finish her THAT is heart. Bless her, I know she was just in agony, but like a true champion, she sucked it up and finished her routine. Today, I bet her knee is swelled up the size of a basketball and black and blue, but I bet she feels pretty darn good about herself. She can be awful proud. She made me think of little Keri Scruggs a few years ago, when she hurt her ankle so bad on the vault but went on ahead and vaulted anyway and won herself that gold medal. The epitomy of the Olympic spirit, the heart of a champion.
In other news around chez Englant, Tony's got the flu and is grumpy as an old bear. He STILL hasn't been released to return to work by the doctors, which isn't helping his mood in the least. He goes in for another epidural steroid shot on Thursday, so he'll be feeling like hammered crap after that even worse than he does now. Oh joy! I need to cook all his favorite foods I guess, to try to appease the savage beast. He is getting depressed with all of this and I can't say that I blame him one bit, since I'm not liking it either. He craves sweets when he gets down and depressed so I need to go on a baking marathon. I definately see the need to fix him a batch of chocolate gravy and biscuits and a cherry cream pie and some no bake cookies. If that won't cheer him up, nothing will.

Hearts Abound!!

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My SP7 struck yet again!!  Look at all the Valentine's Day loveliness she sent me!  Just fabulous!  Hearts, hearts, everywhere I look.  Heart dishcloth patterns, heart sock pattern, heart chocolates, and even a heart greeting card.  That pal 'o mine, she is one creative gal.  I've got LOTS of great cotton thread now for my dishcloths, which is great.  And I'm loving that Cascade yarn she sent for the socks.  That colorway is fantastic!  I have never seen that kind of yarn before so I'm anxious to try it.  I'm wondering how she knew my weakness for Dove's?  My husband got me hooked on Dove's a couple of years ago, on Valentine's Day, as a matter of fact.  They have been my special stash chocolate ever since.  You did GREAT again my sweetest pal!!  Thank you ever so much!!

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Tick-Tock Tick-Tock

That is the sound of the Olympic Knitters clock running down on the 3900 or so knitters who have signed up to do a project to completion by end of this years Winter Olympics. Who would have ever thought that there would be so many??!?? Amazing......truly amazing! I am among the brave souls who stepped up to the challenge.
At first I said I was going to do a Kiri Shawl, but have since changed my mind. I have found a different shawl pattern that I like better. It isn't as intricate as the Kiri and since I'm not an experienced lace knitter, I think it's a more appropriate project. It is called the Magic Shawl and it is designed by the Knitting Fairy. The pattern is very versatile, you can knit it is three different sizes. I'm going for the medium 60" size to start with. The large is 80" just to give you an idea. I picked out a medium weight worsted merino wool in a light denim blue. I think it will be nice. I'm thinking that if I like this pattern as much as I think I might that I might make one for Patricia too. She would love it for work.
We had more snow yesterday, and they are calling for more possibly tomorrow or the next day. I'd like to see a decent snow. If it isn't going to get cold and stay cold this winter, we are going to have a horrible summer for bugs.

Monday, February 06, 2006

It is finished!!!!

Image hosting by Photobucket  I am so proud of ME!!  I finally finished my very first shawl!  Yes, it was simple.  NO, it wasn't a complicated lace stitch whatsoever.  And no, it isn't very big at all.  But it sure is pretty.  It is made out of Lion Brand Homespun yarn.  I know, I know...acrylic.  But I have to tell ya, for an acrylic yarn, this is some mighty soft and luciously warm stuff and it comes in some really pretty colors.  I did learn with this shawl however to NOT knit the Homespun ever again on bamboo needles.  I probably would have cut down my knitting time by half if I had just not been such a cheap ass and gone to the store and gotten a set of circs in either metal or acrylic.  Homespun is just too grabby to get any speed going on bamboo.  Kinda like knitting cotton on bamboo.  Icky.  Don't do it. 

So, tonite, on our weekly date night I get to wear it out for the first time.  Of course Tony has to make the shmarmy comment as we are getting ready about me being part of the shawl set now.  I just gave him the hairy eye'd look and informed him that shawls are very "in" now thankyouverymuch!  We went to visit my SIL and the kids, mainly because we haven't seen them in about 10 forevers and were having squidlette withdrawl.  OH my has she ever grown.  But I digress....Tiffany oooh'd and awww'd of course.  She adore's all my knitted stuff.  The baby was totally in LURVE with the shawl.  She immediately wrapped her pudgy little paws into the  threads.  I guess it was a combination of the texture and the colors that got her attention but she was one happy little fuzzhead.  I say fuzzhead because her hair is at that stage where it looks like she stuck her finger in a lightsocket and her head exploded.  1 1/2 inches of blonde fuzz sticking straight up from her head 360 degrees like a halo.  Just too freakin cute.  That and her 4 dimples......she is just a heart slayer. 

So, last night I watched the superbowl.  I watch it mainly for the commercials.  That kinda sounds like an excuse for why guys read Playboy doesn't it....for the articles.  But really.....when else do the advertising people pull out all the stops and give us their best stuff of the year.  I have to say that my favorites this year are the streaking sheep, the magic refrigerator and for the awwwww factor the baby clydesdale.  Budweiser never fails to entertain.  Those beautiful horses are just stars anyway in my book.  If you ever get the chance to see them upclose and personal... do it.  On TV is no where close to how majestic and awesome they truly are in real life.  And a message to those at AOL......that was a SHEEP you big dummies NOT A GOAT!!! 

Chinese Waves

Image hosting by PhotobucketThis is my February dishcloth for the monthly Woman's Artistic Soul group exchange.  Very interesting pattern.  I showed the backside of the cloth because as you knit, both sides are totally different.  The name of the pattern is called Chinese Waves.  I'll be doing this one again.  Very simple and fast to do.  The fabric is flexible but it is also a very tight weave so it will make a nice dishcloth.


Sunday, February 05, 2006

My Yarn

You are dishcloth cotton.
You are Dishcloth Cotton.
You are a very hard worker, most at home when

you're at home. You are thrifty and seemingly

born to clean. You are considered to be a

Plain Jane, but you are too practical to


What kind of yarn are you?
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Thursday, February 02, 2006

This is my "PERSON"

Image hosting by PhotobucketJames Taylor sang it best in his song.  You just Call Out My Name...And You Know Where Ever I AM I'll Come Running......

That's pretty much how it is between Patricia and I.  She is my "person", and I am hers.  Nothing on this earth would stop either of us from getting to one another if we needed each other.  She is my sister.  And I am hers.  We know each others secrets.  We know where all the bodies are buried.  We have that bond of a lifetime of memories together that is stronger than even the bond between that of a husband and wife. 

I am so proud of my sister.  She has been through the fire of life and come out on the other side tempered like fine steele.  She and I were witness to the same things growing up as children.  We understand only too well what it is to have grown up in the household that we did.  She remembers us being the only two little blonde headed little girls at the Buddist Festival around the corner dancing up on the stage with all the little dark haired Japanese girls, not knowing the steps, but having a marvelous time just the same.  How we played Bingo! with the Buddist monks and Japanese dancers way into the night at festival time. 

She was there when I got plowed down by that car while we were riding our bikes to school just like we did every single day just like usual.  Somehow, she got help and she got Gramps to come and rescue us. 

She was also there when my ex decided that I was useless trash and decided that I was worth leaving for the crack 'ho down the street.  She kept talking to me on the phone for a week until I decided to get out of bed and take a shower and get back into the game of life. 

I was there for her when she got clean and sober.  I was there when her three children were born.  I was there for her when her last baby left the nest for good and joined the Air Force.  I was there for her when at the age of 42 she finally got her Master's Degree in Social Work. 

Yes, she is my Sister.  But more than that......she is MY PERSON.  And I love her.  All she has to do is call.  And I'll be there.