Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Tuesday has got to be a better day!

We aren't gonna talk about why yesterday was icky. It started out great, but it ended up like a great big egg sucking, rotten ass, crybaby day. I. HATE. WHEN. THAT. HAPPENS! SERIOUSLY!

On a lighter note, little Miss Heather Feather will no longer have a cold noggin cuz her Mimi fixed her up.

I think it's cute and even better, so does she. Anyone who tries to swipe it had better think twice cuz I'll hunt you down with a furious vengence (even if you are only 10).

Oh! Greg is out of the hospital!!!!!!! He is not quite firing on all cylinders yet but man-o-man does he ever look great! He is kinda pissy cuz he has to use a wheelchair for now. He has a bloodclot in his leg somewhere and they don't want it doing any moving. They have him on some kind of clot buster. His face looks awesome for someone who had it literally smashed to oblivion and they did an amazing job repairing his eye socket. That just goes to show you that prayers ARE answered!

I wish some of MY prayers would be answered. I am really REALLY getting sadder and sadder over a particular situation. The good Lord has got to listen to me you'd think eventually wouldn't you? I mean wow, it seems like I am always talking to him and asking him for his intercession. We need some relief up in here.....and soon. I'm getting pretty tired. I'm not doing so good from not sleeping and I'm not eating alot either. Seems like just when I think all is ok, whamo! the ship hits the sand and I'm knocked on my emotional ass yet again. I just don't understand why this is happening to me. I'm a good, decent person. I love my family with everything I have, I try to take care of others and I never EVER put myself first on the list. I know I should sometimes, but somehow, it just doesn't seem right. I'm a natural born do-er and giver and that is my comfort zone. I just don't particularly appreciate it when certain people take my feelings for granted or act as if they don't matter or whatever.

I don't know.......maybe I'm just being a bitch and being hypersensitive. All I know is that I'm getting sick and tired of being sick and tired and bawling like a squall tit baby every other day. Rediculous. And I know for a fact that it drives Tony bonkers when I cry. He can't STAND it. He would rather leave than listen to it. Well.....not always.....just most of the time cuz he is too darn sensitive too.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Newsy news

Well they moved Greg to a rehab facility in Hot Spings, AR yesterday. He is not a happy campler to say the least. Not for sure how long he'll be down there yet. I suppose it depends on his progress with their program. They did tell is that when he does go home he will need a 24/7 caretaker for who knows how long. This just breaks my heart because he is SO independant and had been such aa hard worker. My daughter and her husband are trying despirately to keep his shop going. They are so overwhelmed with all of it.

My upstream pal LOVED her purse that I made for her. It's the Noni carpetbag pattern. I chose her favorite colors on purpose so that I could be sure that she would at least use it for a little while. She is also oooooooh'ing and awwwwwwww'ing over some of my bath and body products that I slipped in the box for her. She deserved to be pamperd! She has become a great friend since we "met" because of the Tote Exchange.

We went to the last home football game this evening and just about froze to death! Somewhere between home and the game I lost a glove which really chaps me because they were my very favorites and I've had the such a long time I bet I won't find another pair like them. Major bmmer!

I finally think that we are getting closure on the "issue". After our long talk last night I think that the light at the end of the tunnel is visible. I am so glad that things are progressing in such a positive manner. I'm still very stressed out and can practically cry at the drop of a hat, but I'm getting better. My dear husband, bless his heart is starting to really spiral down because of the time of year it is. This year will mark the 2nd anniversary of the fire. He is talking about things more than before so the is vry positive!

We have 3 cold nights of tournament baseball to look forward to starting tomorrow. Poor Preston is going to be worn out! It's bad when alot of coaches are begging for your son to play on their team. I guess that really is a compliment though because he is an awesome ball player. I do think he is getting nervouse about it because tonight I noticed that he was ticking WAY more than he usually does.