Saturday, March 24, 2007

International Tote Exchange

My tote arrived all the way from Korea! It is the most gorgeous, and most useful, creative knitting bag I've ever seen. And to think she made it herself. WOW! She is the sewing goddess for sure. I am in mad crazy love with this bag. I adore the fabric that she picked out. PERFECT colors for my taste. I read in her blog that the pattern had 30 individual pieces to it. I can't imagine! You can't really get a good perspective from the photo, but this bag is HUGE! You could easily carry a big cardigan project in it with room to spare.

Not only the bag, but look at all the goodies she filled it with! The bamboo needles are fabulous. She sent my favorite size 7 plus an 8 and a 9 which I didn't have. And that yarn! It's a merino blend but let me tell you, it glistens and glows like silk and hasn't got a strand of silk in it! I'd love to have more of this yarn so I could make a project I've had on my list for a while. I want to make that Annie Modesette Corsette Tee and this yarn would be perfect! I wonder if it can be gotten here in the states?? I doubt it unfortunately.

This is the BEST tote exchange I have had yet! I'll definately be using this bag for a good long time. In fact, it will be going with me on my trip next month. It's big enough to carry a change of clothes in plus a book and a couple a sock projects!

Thanks girl! YOU ROCK!!!

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Counting Down The Days

Segue to Merle Haggard singing "Silver Wings" at this point of the blog. Yep, you guessed it, I am soon to be taking a trip. I am heading off to my sister's house in Paradise, Calif. on April 15th Her baby, my niece, is getting married. Because my sister pretty much has NO time off before the wedding, much of the pre-ceremony work will be done be me. Once specific thin I know for sure I know I'm going to be in charge of are the desserts aside from the wedding cake.

The bride also asked me to make her garter belt. I figure I'll make her two, one to keep and one for her groom to toss. If I wind up knitting one for her, the throw away one definitely will not be knit. I'm trying to decide what else I could make for the bride or for the couple. We had such short notice about this wedding that there wasn't really any time for something large.

My daughter is fittin' because while I'm there, the town is going to be having their annual festival called "Gold Nugget Days". They have a parade, music, picnics, craft faires, horsemanship shows, but the best and the most favorite and popular activity is the Donkey Derby. From the description and photos I saw last year, this Donkey Derby is and event not to be missed and one not soon forgotten! I'd love to be able to take my daughter to something like that, it's right up both of our alleys since we both are such horse people. I'll just have to take tons of pictures.

Well It's Good and About Time!!!

Finally after all this time of fighting with this crazy computer and blogger trying to get signed in, I evidentially did something right and got the mystery puzzle solved. Now I can sign in again! WHOOOHOOOO!!! I hope this doesn't happen again.

So much has happened that I need to blog about. I don't know where to begin. I'll make a couple of posts probably as I think of them.

First thing is that Dolly "Fuzzy Butt" got a hair cut. I got almost 2 ounces of lovely blue gray fiber. I am going to blend every bit of it with some fabulous gray shot Shetland that I've been hanging onto. I carded up a few rolags and it feels super cloudlike. I'm going to spin some of it up and send it North. My buddy up there will like it because she's been keeping an eye on Dolly's progress.

That foot my friends, is MY foot. It is in my very FIRST hand knit sock. (It's mate is on the needles and within 2" of being kitchenered.) Can I have a squeee?? It has taken me over 2 years to finally master the sock monster, but I am the victor. No longer am I afraid of heels and gussets. Now fine yarn, and tiny skinny needles and tremble when I approach. I am a sock-knitter! Hear me roar! Listen up all you sock yarn......I'm coming for you, and I'm bringing my sticks!!

My birthday came and went without much ado or incident. Spent a nice quiet day with my family. Son Brandon came down from Jonesboro to spend the weekend with me which I always enjoy. Strangest thing, I love to have him come vist, but by the time he is ready to go home, I am ready for hom to. He is still is a huge slob when he's home, so I have to wonder if it's just because he's here and knows I'll pick up after him. Mainly because I've seen his apartments before and ie was always
reasonably clean. I just suppose it's a momma thing to him. Anyway, my husband got me a nice new Singer sewing machine since I nearly killed my other one. I say nearly killed because the motor is still good. He's going to take it apart and get the motor out and try to buil me an electric spinner. If will be neat even if all it does is ply for me.