Saturday, March 24, 2007

International Tote Exchange

My tote arrived all the way from Korea! It is the most gorgeous, and most useful, creative knitting bag I've ever seen. And to think she made it herself. WOW! She is the sewing goddess for sure. I am in mad crazy love with this bag. I adore the fabric that she picked out. PERFECT colors for my taste. I read in her blog that the pattern had 30 individual pieces to it. I can't imagine! You can't really get a good perspective from the photo, but this bag is HUGE! You could easily carry a big cardigan project in it with room to spare.

Not only the bag, but look at all the goodies she filled it with! The bamboo needles are fabulous. She sent my favorite size 7 plus an 8 and a 9 which I didn't have. And that yarn! It's a merino blend but let me tell you, it glistens and glows like silk and hasn't got a strand of silk in it! I'd love to have more of this yarn so I could make a project I've had on my list for a while. I want to make that Annie Modesette Corsette Tee and this yarn would be perfect! I wonder if it can be gotten here in the states?? I doubt it unfortunately.

This is the BEST tote exchange I have had yet! I'll definately be using this bag for a good long time. In fact, it will be going with me on my trip next month. It's big enough to carry a change of clothes in plus a book and a couple a sock projects!

Thanks girl! YOU ROCK!!!


stickchick said...

WOW!!! That bag is really lovely!! What a haul too, wowsers!! That should keep you busy with projects for your trip! AWesome!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh wow, how awesome!

~ Your Secret Pal

Polly said...

That bag is so cool. I love it!