Saturday, December 23, 2006

Christmas Eve gift!

There is a very strange tradition in my family. Why we have it I don't know. I know even less about how it got started or what it really is all about. But here is the deal....

We all have to be very careful when we answer the phone if Mom or Dad call. If they call and we just say "Hello" we are busted cuz the deal is the first person who says "Christmas Eve Gift!" to the other family member has to gift that other person. So the trick is to remember to answer the phone with "Christmas Eve Gift" or to call them first and to try to catch them off guard. As they are getting older, it's getting alot easier hehehe! All the years past that my dad has nailed me he has just laughed and laughed and laughed like I made his whole holiday season. To this day, if I don't call him and at least try to catch him, I think he would be very disappointed. Isn't it funny the things we do that over the years we just keep on doing and we forget why but the tradition carries on and on? I wonder how many of you who read my blog also have those odd little quirky family traditions? I'd love to hear them?

Another one we do got started at those HUGE family holiday dinners. You know the ones.......mountains of dishes and pots and pans. The kind that would keep the dishwashers in the kitchen forever. This was during the pre-automatic dishwasher days. As dinner winds down and everyone is enjoying coffee and dessert, all of the sudden you will start to notice a subtle silence begin to creep into and around the room. Upon closer inspection, you will notice that people have one finger laid along side of thier nose. In our family, a finger laid along side of the nose after a big family meal, protects said person from KP duty. The last person(s) to give the "finger" does the dishes! So it really pays to stay on your toes around our least until the table is cleared.

I hope all of you have a joyous holiday, however you choose to celebrate the season. May you have peace in your heart, love in your life and warmth in your hearth. I hope you all got all your projects done!

Monday, December 04, 2006

Two Year Anniversary

Today marks the two year anniversay of the fire that took the lives of my husband's daughters. I am very happy to say that this year he seems to be doing much better emotionally. I know he is hurting, if he wasn't still hurting, he wouldn't be normal. But at least he still isn't nearly catatonic like he was last year this time. We took flowers out to where the trailer was. You can't even tell there once sat a house there. The only vague sign is that it looks like someone dug a hole with a back hoe and pushed everything off into it and then covered it up again.

On our way home we stopped by the home of one of the girls little friends. Tony spoke with her mom for quite some time and learned quite a bit of good info. Apparently there is still an open, investigation ongoing about the fire. She told him that the FBI came out and interviewed her about the incident. Since the mother of the girls is gone with the wind, every agency has issued warrents for her now. Go figure. It's about time! I KNEW the scene was wrong. Tony KNEW the scene was wrong. Both of us have been in EMS/FIRE and LAW ENFORCEMENT too long not to recognize the signs of a suspicious scene. It actually gives Tony some measure of peace knowing that finally, FINALLY someone is listening to him. We are going to go Wednesday and talk with the county coroner again for an update. Since we've elected a new sheriff now, maybe he'll push this thing a little harder. I know him from way back and he is a real good guy. He used to be a state police investigator and he was sharp as a tack.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

December the Two

I am The. Worst. Blogger. EVER!

I didn't used to be, but something happened. Somehow, somewhere, something got really out of whack. I dunno, I think when the ship hit the sand here at home, I lost my UUMMPPFFFF or something. I am going to do better. I have to. For ME.

So, here I am, at the beginning of December, yet again wondering what in the world I am going to get the kids for Christmas. Why is it the older they get, the harder it is to buy for them? I suppose we could go the simple route and give them gift cards or money. But that seems kinda cheesy to me. I'm sure they would love it, but dang, that kinda makes the old tree look a little barren and Charlie Brown-ish. And let's face it, I don't need any more reasons to not enjoy this season.

I used to love Christmas. Once upon a time. But that was long, long ago and far away. Before. When I actually had a FAMILY. Now, it's just hard. I'm still not speaking to my brother....or rather, he isn't speaking to me. So that eliminates 5 people right there that I have right here close. Plus, any time it's "family time", I have to deal with Mom. I'd rather have a mammogram or a pap smear than have to deal with the trauma/drama that is a constant side dish with Mom. I feel so sorry for Dad. He really IS a saint in my book. She likes my brother better anyway cuz he puts up with her particular brand of BS so, if things go like they did for Thanksgiving, I won't have to worry about it. She went to his house and I didn't hear hide nor hair or a single peep from any of them. Too bad. I'm a fabulous cook and they are missing out on enjoying the day with us. I am bummed for the kiddos though.....the nieces and nephew. I'll mail their gifts I suppose. How stupid is that since they are only 20 minutes away?? Oh well, if my brother wasn't such a jerk........

I REALLY wish I could be with my sister in California. I need some time with her. Badly. We don't connect often enough to suit either one of us. She works incredible hours with her job at the hospital AND her private practice. She is always SO tired that she goes to bed with the chickens. The two hour time difference makes it tough to hook up sometimes. (And just last year she was worried to death that when she opened up her private practice that she wouldn't have any clients.....) I am SO proud of her.

On the fiber front.....I have actually knit the whole FRONT (or back depending on how you look at it) of my very first sweater! The pattern is ever so simple, but I couldn't have picked a dinky-er yarn to knit with the first time out! During the summer when my LYS was having such a fantastic sale, I got a whole gob of Rowen Silky Wool and Silky Tweed for a dollar a skein! So, when it's all said and done, I'll have about 10 bucks in yarn in a whole sweater. It's going to be pretty I think....two tone charcoal and cinnamon. I need to take a picture to post just to prove that I really did it.

I did set it aside for now though. I've signed up for the Socks For Soldiers project and been working on a pair of socks for it. Plain Jane black socks that have a leg length of 12". They are gonna take a while so I figured I'd best get crackin'. I love hand knit socks, but damn I hate that tiny yarn!! Takes 10 forevers to get anywhere. But it's for a good cause. Wish me luck......I'll need it!