Saturday, December 02, 2006

December the Two

I am The. Worst. Blogger. EVER!

I didn't used to be, but something happened. Somehow, somewhere, something got really out of whack. I dunno, I think when the ship hit the sand here at home, I lost my UUMMPPFFFF or something. I am going to do better. I have to. For ME.

So, here I am, at the beginning of December, yet again wondering what in the world I am going to get the kids for Christmas. Why is it the older they get, the harder it is to buy for them? I suppose we could go the simple route and give them gift cards or money. But that seems kinda cheesy to me. I'm sure they would love it, but dang, that kinda makes the old tree look a little barren and Charlie Brown-ish. And let's face it, I don't need any more reasons to not enjoy this season.

I used to love Christmas. Once upon a time. But that was long, long ago and far away. Before. When I actually had a FAMILY. Now, it's just hard. I'm still not speaking to my brother....or rather, he isn't speaking to me. So that eliminates 5 people right there that I have right here close. Plus, any time it's "family time", I have to deal with Mom. I'd rather have a mammogram or a pap smear than have to deal with the trauma/drama that is a constant side dish with Mom. I feel so sorry for Dad. He really IS a saint in my book. She likes my brother better anyway cuz he puts up with her particular brand of BS so, if things go like they did for Thanksgiving, I won't have to worry about it. She went to his house and I didn't hear hide nor hair or a single peep from any of them. Too bad. I'm a fabulous cook and they are missing out on enjoying the day with us. I am bummed for the kiddos though.....the nieces and nephew. I'll mail their gifts I suppose. How stupid is that since they are only 20 minutes away?? Oh well, if my brother wasn't such a jerk........

I REALLY wish I could be with my sister in California. I need some time with her. Badly. We don't connect often enough to suit either one of us. She works incredible hours with her job at the hospital AND her private practice. She is always SO tired that she goes to bed with the chickens. The two hour time difference makes it tough to hook up sometimes. (And just last year she was worried to death that when she opened up her private practice that she wouldn't have any clients.....) I am SO proud of her.

On the fiber front.....I have actually knit the whole FRONT (or back depending on how you look at it) of my very first sweater! The pattern is ever so simple, but I couldn't have picked a dinky-er yarn to knit with the first time out! During the summer when my LYS was having such a fantastic sale, I got a whole gob of Rowen Silky Wool and Silky Tweed for a dollar a skein! So, when it's all said and done, I'll have about 10 bucks in yarn in a whole sweater. It's going to be pretty I think....two tone charcoal and cinnamon. I need to take a picture to post just to prove that I really did it.

I did set it aside for now though. I've signed up for the Socks For Soldiers project and been working on a pair of socks for it. Plain Jane black socks that have a leg length of 12". They are gonna take a while so I figured I'd best get crackin'. I love hand knit socks, but damn I hate that tiny yarn!! Takes 10 forevers to get anywhere. But it's for a good cause. Wish me luck......I'll need it!

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Enjay said...

I miss my family too. :) I'm sorry that yours is riddled with so much strife. Do you get along well with your s-i-l? Perhaps you can drop off the packages when your brother is at work or otherwise occupied.
Good luck, hugs!