Monday, December 04, 2006

Two Year Anniversary

Today marks the two year anniversay of the fire that took the lives of my husband's daughters. I am very happy to say that this year he seems to be doing much better emotionally. I know he is hurting, if he wasn't still hurting, he wouldn't be normal. But at least he still isn't nearly catatonic like he was last year this time. We took flowers out to where the trailer was. You can't even tell there once sat a house there. The only vague sign is that it looks like someone dug a hole with a back hoe and pushed everything off into it and then covered it up again.

On our way home we stopped by the home of one of the girls little friends. Tony spoke with her mom for quite some time and learned quite a bit of good info. Apparently there is still an open, investigation ongoing about the fire. She told him that the FBI came out and interviewed her about the incident. Since the mother of the girls is gone with the wind, every agency has issued warrents for her now. Go figure. It's about time! I KNEW the scene was wrong. Tony KNEW the scene was wrong. Both of us have been in EMS/FIRE and LAW ENFORCEMENT too long not to recognize the signs of a suspicious scene. It actually gives Tony some measure of peace knowing that finally, FINALLY someone is listening to him. We are going to go Wednesday and talk with the county coroner again for an update. Since we've elected a new sheriff now, maybe he'll push this thing a little harder. I know him from way back and he is a real good guy. He used to be a state police investigator and he was sharp as a tack.

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Rosi G. said...


Oh my. That is so, so sad. I'm very sorry to hear this.

It sucks that a mother would do such a thing to her own children. Makes my hair stand on end....