Friday, October 27, 2006

Looking up

I am happy to report that things are looking up here at chez Englant. We have absolutely reached a turning point in our most recent crisis. I feel a great amount of relief. As noticed, I have been a slacking poster. I just couldn't focus enough to post. Too many balls in the air and not enough "me" to go around so something had to be dropped. Now that my stress levels have calmed down, I hope to be able to write more. I wasn't in a good frame of mind to write before.

Alot has happened that is noteworthy. Greg, a very good friend of ours is still in intensive care after a riding accident. The horse he was riding fell with him aboard. When that happened, Greg hit his head on the side of the horse trailer. His head injury is severe and very critical but now he is making progress. They already have done one operation to repair his shattered eye socket. Unfortunately, while they were doing the surgery they found some additional actual brain injury and they had to remove a small portion of his brain because it was dead. So far he is doing ok after the surgery. We are not sure how much longer he'll be in the hospital. His recovery after he is released is going to be long and slow. They are talking about transferring him to some type of rehab facility when he ever IS release but knowing Greg, that won't fly. He wants to go home. NOW. I can't blame him but we all know he can't take care of himself just yet. He still has a long road ahead of surgeries to repair his crushed facial bones etc. Please add Greg to your prayers.

Tony is off work again. His own injury from the train vs. train accident has flaired up again. Neurosurgeon and his orthopedic back doc feel that he'll have to undergo a surgery similar to mine. Needless to say, daddy isn't real happy with that idea. He has too much experience with how awful it can possibly be because of my multiple surgeries. The next test for him to endure is going to be a diskogram which really stinks. It's a painful test and there can be no anesthesia given. uuggghhhh! I wish it were me instead of him.

On the needles is a two colored wool/silk blend sweater. It's coming along nicely.
The felted bag I made for my upstream partner turned out FANTASTIC. I used my Noni pattern for a carpetbag. I'll definately do one for myself! I even lined the thing! I'm just too impressed with it. I'll stick a pic here when I take one so you can see.

Remember us in your prayers please. We aren't out of the woods completely, but we are definately working on it.