Saturday, December 23, 2006

Christmas Eve gift!

There is a very strange tradition in my family. Why we have it I don't know. I know even less about how it got started or what it really is all about. But here is the deal....

We all have to be very careful when we answer the phone if Mom or Dad call. If they call and we just say "Hello" we are busted cuz the deal is the first person who says "Christmas Eve Gift!" to the other family member has to gift that other person. So the trick is to remember to answer the phone with "Christmas Eve Gift" or to call them first and to try to catch them off guard. As they are getting older, it's getting alot easier hehehe! All the years past that my dad has nailed me he has just laughed and laughed and laughed like I made his whole holiday season. To this day, if I don't call him and at least try to catch him, I think he would be very disappointed. Isn't it funny the things we do that over the years we just keep on doing and we forget why but the tradition carries on and on? I wonder how many of you who read my blog also have those odd little quirky family traditions? I'd love to hear them?

Another one we do got started at those HUGE family holiday dinners. You know the ones.......mountains of dishes and pots and pans. The kind that would keep the dishwashers in the kitchen forever. This was during the pre-automatic dishwasher days. As dinner winds down and everyone is enjoying coffee and dessert, all of the sudden you will start to notice a subtle silence begin to creep into and around the room. Upon closer inspection, you will notice that people have one finger laid along side of thier nose. In our family, a finger laid along side of the nose after a big family meal, protects said person from KP duty. The last person(s) to give the "finger" does the dishes! So it really pays to stay on your toes around our least until the table is cleared.

I hope all of you have a joyous holiday, however you choose to celebrate the season. May you have peace in your heart, love in your life and warmth in your hearth. I hope you all got all your projects done!


twig said...

I always knew y'all were weird. You just keep proving it to me. *laugh* Hope you have a great holiday.

Jim Bob Howard said...

I wonder if we're related... Our family does "Christmas Eve Gift," too! My lovely wife got me at 6AM while I was trying to be a loving husband, bringing her daily acid reflux meds to her... I stumbled into the kitchen and shuffled back (like I do every morning), knowing that I was going to get to go back to sleep for another hour. I sat down next to her and handed her the med and she softly whispered, "Honey?" "Yes." "Christmas Eve Gift."

But, I got my mom... she gave herself away by calling so early. So my 9yo son answered the phone "CHRISTMASEVEGIFT!" When he handed me the phone, I got her, too. ;)

Merry Christmas!

Jim Bob