Sunday, February 26, 2006

Olympic Gold!!

Whew!! I did it!! The magic shawl is done. I didn't think I would do it, but a couple of long nights of knitting finally pulled me through. Unfortunately, Tony has taken my camera with him to Texas, so no photos are avaliable just now.

Why is Tony in Texas? Well, Randa, our neice who was due to deliver on March 17th went into labor early on Friday. I guess her baby decided to come out and see the world early. Unfortunately, too early. Little miss Tynlee, born 4 weeks early, is having major breathing troubles. The lower lobes of her lungs are not inflating. So, she had to be med flighted to the med center at Lubbock, Tx. There was a delay in getting her to Lubbock because the night they wanted to fly her, a big thunderstorm moved in and the chopper couldn't fly and the incubator thing is too big to fit into most ambulances. So, they had to wait until either the storm blew over or they could locate a special ambulance that could handle such a big incubator PLUS the crew of nurses that had to go with her.

Anyway, the phone was ringing off the hook with seemingly hourly updates and Tony was literally walking the floor. All this is just horrible for Randa. 4 years ago she gave birth to a son, Jordy, and he lived 2 days but then he died. They found out after he was born that his umbilical cord was too short and the placenta tore and he was oxygen starved during the birth. If Randa loses this baby, I believe she would literally grieve herself to death. Tony couldn't stand NOT being there for Randa and I couldn't stand seeing him fret so badly just waiting for the phone to ring. When he said that he felt like he needed to go to Texas to be with the family I thought that he should go. After we lost the girls in '04, family is so precious and nothing is more important.

So anyway, he's got my camera. And, the greatest news of all is that he calls and reports that the doctor says that he thinks that Tynlee is turning the corner and getting some better. Tony said she is so tiny and so beautiful and has a headfull of hair. He said when the nurses mess with her she gets mad and just cries so she is a fighter! I told him that the crying is probably good for her and it strengthens her little lungs.

I already miss him and I'll be ready for him to be home. I'm praying for Randa and the baby so much that I know that when the phone rings up there in heaven that God already knows who it is on the line before he picks it up.

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twig said...

YAY on the GOLD! Can't wait to see pictures.

Hope Tynlee continues to improve.