Tuesday, February 14, 2006


Well, I'm making great progress on my shawl. I'm at the halfway point. Halfway, that is if I stop at the medium size. If I choose to continue on to make the large size, I'm 1/3rd of the way done - minus the edging. I read ahead to the edging part of the pattern and it immediately freaked me out so I stopped reading. I hope Alissa stays close to home so I can get her on the speed dial when I get to that point in the pattern cuz it looks like total greek to me right now. It's probably clear as a bell, but right now it's clear as mud. But, as Ms. Twig says....trust the pattern, trust the pattern, trust the pattern. Yes ma'am, I know!
For the last two days I have been glued to the TV watching curling. At first I was like what the heck are they doing? What is the point here?? It looks like a combination of bowling, pool, darts and marbles. So I had to look it up on the web. Now that I understand the game, I am totally into it and think that it is a very cool game. I just wonder where in the world do these people practice?
So far, the US Olympic skaters haven't impressed me very much. I just don't think that they are skating with very much heart like they have in past years. But boy I tell you what, that poor Chinese girl who fell SO hard last night, and went on to finish her program.....now THAT is heart. Bless her, I know she was just in agony, but like a true champion, she sucked it up and finished her routine. Today, I bet her knee is swelled up the size of a basketball and black and blue, but I bet she feels pretty darn good about herself. She can be awful proud. She made me think of little Keri Scruggs a few years ago, when she hurt her ankle so bad on the vault but went on ahead and vaulted anyway and won herself that gold medal. The epitomy of the Olympic spirit, the heart of a champion.
In other news around chez Englant, Tony's got the flu and is grumpy as an old bear. He STILL hasn't been released to return to work by the doctors, which isn't helping his mood in the least. He goes in for another epidural steroid shot on Thursday, so he'll be feeling like hammered crap after that even worse than he does now. Oh joy! I need to cook all his favorite foods I guess, to try to appease the savage beast. He is getting depressed with all of this and I can't say that I blame him one bit, since I'm not liking it either. He craves sweets when he gets down and depressed so I need to go on a baking marathon. I definately see the need to fix him a batch of chocolate gravy and biscuits and a cherry cream pie and some no bake cookies. If that won't cheer him up, nothing will.


twig said...

Well, I'm not quite sure about trusting the pattern on your shawl pattern. It was my mantra though for the Fiber Trends clog pattern.

Great work on your shawl, though. I'm getting my butt beat by intarsia. When are we going to see progress photos?

Kimberly said...

Chocolate Gravy biscuits? I am intrigued.