Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Hearts Abound!!

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My SP7 struck yet again!!  Look at all the Valentine's Day loveliness she sent me!  Just fabulous!  Hearts, hearts, everywhere I look.  Heart dishcloth patterns, heart sock pattern, heart chocolates, and even a heart greeting card.  That pal 'o mine, she is one creative gal.  I've got LOTS of great cotton thread now for my dishcloths, which is great.  And I'm loving that Cascade yarn she sent for the socks.  That colorway is fantastic!  I have never seen that kind of yarn before so I'm anxious to try it.  I'm wondering how she knew my weakness for Dove's?  My husband got me hooked on Dove's a couple of years ago, on Valentine's Day, as a matter of fact.  They have been my special stash chocolate ever since.  You did GREAT again my sweetest pal!!  Thank you ever so much!!

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Essie P. said...

Just in time for Heart Day! That fixation is thicker than sock yarn, and don't pull it tight. It makes more of an athletic-y sock, but really soft.

I'm glad you got your valentine!

Now, back to our regularly scheduled knitting!