Saturday, February 11, 2006

Tick-Tock Tick-Tock

That is the sound of the Olympic Knitters clock running down on the 3900 or so knitters who have signed up to do a project to completion by end of this years Winter Olympics. Who would have ever thought that there would be so many??!?? Amazing......truly amazing! I am among the brave souls who stepped up to the challenge.
At first I said I was going to do a Kiri Shawl, but have since changed my mind. I have found a different shawl pattern that I like better. It isn't as intricate as the Kiri and since I'm not an experienced lace knitter, I think it's a more appropriate project. It is called the Magic Shawl and it is designed by the Knitting Fairy. The pattern is very versatile, you can knit it is three different sizes. I'm going for the medium 60" size to start with. The large is 80" just to give you an idea. I picked out a medium weight worsted merino wool in a light denim blue. I think it will be nice. I'm thinking that if I like this pattern as much as I think I might that I might make one for Patricia too. She would love it for work.
We had more snow yesterday, and they are calling for more possibly tomorrow or the next day. I'd like to see a decent snow. If it isn't going to get cold and stay cold this winter, we are going to have a horrible summer for bugs.


twig said...

Can't wait to see progress photos! GO LISA GO!

If you want snow, come visit. We're getting hammered. (Though if you want a blizzard, you'll have to continue going east)

Essie P said...

You go, Girl! Your Secret Pal is rooting for you to Finish That Shawl!