Monday, February 06, 2006

It is finished!!!!

Image hosting by Photobucket  I am so proud of ME!!  I finally finished my very first shawl!  Yes, it was simple.  NO, it wasn't a complicated lace stitch whatsoever.  And no, it isn't very big at all.  But it sure is pretty.  It is made out of Lion Brand Homespun yarn.  I know, I know...acrylic.  But I have to tell ya, for an acrylic yarn, this is some mighty soft and luciously warm stuff and it comes in some really pretty colors.  I did learn with this shawl however to NOT knit the Homespun ever again on bamboo needles.  I probably would have cut down my knitting time by half if I had just not been such a cheap ass and gone to the store and gotten a set of circs in either metal or acrylic.  Homespun is just too grabby to get any speed going on bamboo.  Kinda like knitting cotton on bamboo.  Icky.  Don't do it. 

So, tonite, on our weekly date night I get to wear it out for the first time.  Of course Tony has to make the shmarmy comment as we are getting ready about me being part of the shawl set now.  I just gave him the hairy eye'd look and informed him that shawls are very "in" now thankyouverymuch!  We went to visit my SIL and the kids, mainly because we haven't seen them in about 10 forevers and were having squidlette withdrawl.  OH my has she ever grown.  But I digress....Tiffany oooh'd and awww'd of course.  She adore's all my knitted stuff.  The baby was totally in LURVE with the shawl.  She immediately wrapped her pudgy little paws into the  threads.  I guess it was a combination of the texture and the colors that got her attention but she was one happy little fuzzhead.  I say fuzzhead because her hair is at that stage where it looks like she stuck her finger in a lightsocket and her head exploded.  1 1/2 inches of blonde fuzz sticking straight up from her head 360 degrees like a halo.  Just too freakin cute.  That and her 4 dimples......she is just a heart slayer. 

So, last night I watched the superbowl.  I watch it mainly for the commercials.  That kinda sounds like an excuse for why guys read Playboy doesn't it....for the articles.  But really.....when else do the advertising people pull out all the stops and give us their best stuff of the year.  I have to say that my favorites this year are the streaking sheep, the magic refrigerator and for the awwwww factor the baby clydesdale.  Budweiser never fails to entertain.  Those beautiful horses are just stars anyway in my book.  If you ever get the chance to see them upclose and personal... do it.  On TV is no where close to how majestic and awesome they truly are in real life.  And a message to those at AOL......that was a SHEEP you big dummies NOT A GOAT!!! 


twig said...

Oh it's beautiful!

I watched Puppy Bowl II instead of the Super Bowl.

BTW, you wondered why I chose size 11 needles for Kiri. After a lot of thought and becoming one with the yarn, and more thought. Then a couple glasses of wine. Then a bit more thought. Then another glass of wine. I found a blog of someone who had made the Kiri in worsted weight and had used that size needle. *snicker*

jae said...

You did a fantastic job! congrats!!