Thursday, February 02, 2006

This is my "PERSON"

Image hosting by PhotobucketJames Taylor sang it best in his song.  You just Call Out My Name...And You Know Where Ever I AM I'll Come Running......

That's pretty much how it is between Patricia and I.  She is my "person", and I am hers.  Nothing on this earth would stop either of us from getting to one another if we needed each other.  She is my sister.  And I am hers.  We know each others secrets.  We know where all the bodies are buried.  We have that bond of a lifetime of memories together that is stronger than even the bond between that of a husband and wife. 

I am so proud of my sister.  She has been through the fire of life and come out on the other side tempered like fine steele.  She and I were witness to the same things growing up as children.  We understand only too well what it is to have grown up in the household that we did.  She remembers us being the only two little blonde headed little girls at the Buddist Festival around the corner dancing up on the stage with all the little dark haired Japanese girls, not knowing the steps, but having a marvelous time just the same.  How we played Bingo! with the Buddist monks and Japanese dancers way into the night at festival time. 

She was there when I got plowed down by that car while we were riding our bikes to school just like we did every single day just like usual.  Somehow, she got help and she got Gramps to come and rescue us. 

She was also there when my ex decided that I was useless trash and decided that I was worth leaving for the crack 'ho down the street.  She kept talking to me on the phone for a week until I decided to get out of bed and take a shower and get back into the game of life. 

I was there for her when she got clean and sober.  I was there when her three children were born.  I was there for her when her last baby left the nest for good and joined the Air Force.  I was there for her when at the age of 42 she finally got her Master's Degree in Social Work. 

Yes, she is my Sister.  But more than that......she is MY PERSON.  And I love her.  All she has to do is call.  And I'll be there. 

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