Monday, June 05, 2006

Monday musings........

Look at all that fresh lavender. That is from ONE plant that I planted last year. I was told that it took lavender at least a couple of years to produce, so apparently this plant is happy where I planted it. It started out as a 4" pot and now it is at least a mound about 18" across. I'd say that is pretty good for years growth. I planted 3 more in the same general area this spring. I'll have lots of lavender once they all get to productive.

This is a blanket that I finally finished for one of the new babies that was born in our
family this year. Little miss Tynlee came a month early and spent that month in the
neonatal ICU at Lubbock, Tx. She is home now and doing fine. Her mom, my neice
Randa says she is spoiled rotten because of the exquisite care that the nurses gave her.
The blanket is made from a cotton chenille yarn and it is so very soft and cuddly. I’d
love to have a whole blanket made out of the stuff just for me. I adore soft cuddly

I finished my felted tote project. I love this bag. The colors turned out great. They were
Brighter before it was felted but I guess the hot water faded out the wool. I’ll be sending
This bag East to the person who was assigned to me. I’m anxious to see what my person
Makes for me!

No that I have absolutely NO mandatory projects looming in my future for the needles, I can finally make something for myself. Heh, that will be different. I haven’t made anything for myself in a very long long time. Being that it is summer though, I’m not sure what I’ll tackle. I do a lot of KIP at the ballpark and anything big will just be too hot in out wicked humid weather. Socks maybe? I’ve got some nice sock yarn in my stash and with my cold feet I love socks. I’m probably the only crazy person in the South who wears socks year round… least indoors that is. We keep our house cool so my feet are always cold.

Ugghhh tomorrow is going to be a long day. We have to go to the Rock first thing in the morning and we have a ballgame tomorrow night. Bleh...


Enjay said...

AAAhhhchoo *sniffle*
lovely lavender. Achoo!! I'm allergic to it though so I'll not be asking to get too close to it. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey, just found this site and found out your here in Little Rock. When I saw the sub, I knew. Like your blog!!!!!!
Deb in Little Rock