Wednesday, June 07, 2006

MEME stolen from Robyn of Bitchypoo

I AM: Glad that my headache is finally going away. There has been some evil little badass monster pounding on my temples and eyes for two days now and I’m just about sick of it.
I SAID: “So when you fall out of that tree and break your neck, don’t come running in here to me crying about it.” OHMYGOD did I say that???? Someone shoot me now…….I’ve become my mother.
I WANT: Laying on the California beach somewhere next to my sister Patricia listening to the waves ebb and flo, just letting the breeze go softly by.
I WISH: I could undo all the mistakes I have made as a parent.
I HATE: The weather in Arkansas, especially the heat and humidity of summer. I’d give anything if the climate here was different, then I would be perfectly content to live here forever.
I MISS: The ocean and my sister Patricia like nobodies business.
I FEAR: Physically I fear falling from heights the most. Emotionally I fear abandonment. I have HUGE abandonment issues that I’m working on.
I HEAR: The A/C blowing out of the vents and Rudy snoring.
I WONDER: How much time it will take to start to feel/think differently since I’ve been seeing a counselor? I wonder how long it will take for it to make a difference in my life and my marriage.
I REGRET: Not following my dreams when I was younger and had a chance to do so.
I AM NOT: afraid to be by myself. I’ve spent a lot of time alone in my life and I am not at all the type of person who constantly has to be entertained or doing something or be with people.
I DANCE: Like a fool. But I will dance when the mood strikes me and a funky song comes on. I love to dance and act silly with my grand daughters.
I SING: Whenever the mood strikes me. It’s not anything that will make dogs howl, but it’s nothing to call Nashville over either. I hum more than I sing.
I AM NOT ALWAYS: The best dressed girl in the place. I’m built for comfort, not speed and since I no longer have to dress for the public eye, I definitely dress to please myself and my husband first.
I MADE: My #1 son happy tonight. I’m going to be his escort to a fancy schmancy company dinner tomorrow.
I WRITE: A lot. I have always wanted to write a novel.
I CONFUSE: Myself easily these days.
I NEED: To get back in shape again. Since I got hurt and had so many surgeries I’ve SO gotten out of shape and gotten lazy.
I SHOULD: Quit talking about painting the various rooms in this house that I want to paint and just get off my ass and DO it.
I START: Reading a good book and I can’t hardly put it down. That’s why I can easily read 6-10 books a month.
I FINISH: A knitting project before I begin a new one 99% of the time. I am very monogamous to my knitting. Just like my marriage.
I BELIEVE: That life is an ever changing, educational journey and that you never stop learning until the day you die.
I KNOW: Even though I have been through some tough times in my life, that there is a reason and that I am a stronger person for having gone through all of it even though I may not know what the lesson is just right now.
I CAN: Do anything I set my mind to. My husband says that I am a damn genius. Gotta love that man!
I CAN’T: See the point in jumping out of a perfectly good airplane.
I SEE: Sleeping, snoring dogs sprawled across my legs and one big fat cat curled up in her bed.
I BLOG: At least once a week, more if I can remember.
I READ: A LOT!! Books were my escape mechanism as a child from a world that was less than peaceful.
I AM AROUSED BY: A man who has a sense of humor, who is willing to laugh at my jokes, who is strong yet tender, loves animals and kids and who has a muscular upper body…arms, chest, shoulders.
IT PISSES ME OFF: When I hear people use race or ignorance or poverty as an excuse. It also pisses me off when I hear someone mock the handicapped. I can just smack someone when I hear that.
I FIND: That I am a lot more tolerant and open minded about certain things because I am not a “born and raised” southerner. My husband tells me that I have “those California ideas” which to me means more liberal thinking.
I LIKE: My knitting and spinning. A LOT.
I LOVE: My husband, my sons, daughter, my family, my bulldogs.
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Super Secret Pal said...

Thank you for sharing the thoughts, reflections and musings of your life. It is wonderful that you have opened up a little window of your soul to us.