Wednesday, June 07, 2006

SCORE - Baseball 1, Rear Window 0, Allstate $1200.00, Me $150.00

The words "OH SHIT" just do not quite cover the experience. You see that very TALL chain link fence in that photo? Well a kid on OUR OWN team hit a foul pop fly ball over that fence and it landed on MY car. Yes. MY. CAR.


And I wasn't parked all that close. And would you believe that the very next day, the very same kid did it AGAIN and hit another car??!!?? Cept this time it hit metal and not glass. I swear, it is big business for glass this time of year I bet. My insurance man didn't even bat an eye.

One of the umps said it had been several, several years since there had been any glass busted out there. Lucky us huh? Our car, by one of our team kids that my husband coaches. Great.

Gotta love it.

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