Wednesday, May 31, 2006

One less project to do

Well I got my tote for the Tote Exchange done tonite. All I lack is felting it. It's going to look fabulous. Of course I'll take before and after photo's to post. The most tedious part for me is the seemingly 300 mile long I-cord. I just hate making those but they sure make great handles on bags.

Now that I'm done until August on "mandatory" projects for swaps and other people I can actually make something for myself for once! Oh boy! What to make, what to make?? Hmmmm, there are just too many choices. I'm kinda thinking socks. On the other hand, I'm kinda thinking about a couple of cute summer tank patterns I've got. I'll have to do some thinking. I've got yarn for either.

I've had some good email exchanges with the person who I have for a pal in the SP8. She is a nice person and I've enjoyed getting to know her alot. She is my daughter's age but I find that we have plenty to talk about and share. Good match up Ms. Hostess.....thumbs up!

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Enjay said...

have you thought about an i-cord machine? Joannes has them for around 15 i think (and usually offers a good discount coupon to boot) and I think they take worsted.