Sunday, April 02, 2006

Thank You SP7!!!!!!!!

Well, earlier today I posted that nothing much had been going on and such. I went on about my business and tonite I came back to finally catch up on some email that had gotten WAY out of hand yet again. (I need to trim some of my yahoo groups!)

Much to my surprise I find that my SP7 person had sent me a gift certificate as a final farewell. I've never had the pleasure of shopping at KPixie, but I can sure say that thanks to her, I sure am going to now! Problems is, they have too much yummy fiber-y goodness to choose from! Uggghhh! This is going to be SO hard.

Thank you Susan, you have been a fabulous pal!

1 comment:

Enjay said...

Congratulations! Although you were no slouch as a pal yourself. :)