Friday, January 06, 2006

Why my LYS is BAD

Why my LYS is BAD BAD BAD!!!

So, today, while Tony is at physical therapy, I have an hour to kill.  I decided to go downtown and go to the jewelry store to get the prongs checked on my wedding ring.  I’ve been meaning to do it for a while and just never got the chance or made the time to do so.  Anyway, in trying to find a parking place, I was forced to drive around and around and around about 4 times just to get heading in the right direction.  And where oh where did the God’s of parking just happen to open up a spot?? Yep, you got it…..right in front of Bella Lana, my local yarn store.  So, I walked down the block to the jewelers and took care of that business first.

Well, that only took about 20 minute’s total. So as I am walking back towards my car, I’m thinking, hmmm where now?  Do I slip into one of these antique shops for a quick browse or should I just give into my inner yarn slut and go ahead and go into Bella Lana.  Slut won of course.  

Stepping into Bella Lana is like walking into the center of a kaleidoscope.  The eye is literally bombarded with every color of the rainbow from 360 degrees.  Every color, any texture and any fiber that one could imagine is in that little tiny shop.  All the little cubbies that line the walls are filled with loads of fibery goodness.  You need a wool fix….it’s in there.  Eyelash and ladder yarn more your thing…..right hand corner.  Cottons, by the door.  Angora and alpaca, center stage left.  

And to what do my wandering eyes did appear?  NORO!!!  OOOOOOHHH my precious!!  I could not believe it.  Up until now, she had not carried Noro Koreyon.  I guess she got tired of not only me, but probably tons of other local knitters begging for it.  We all either had to drive to Little Rock or get it online before.  But no more!!  AND…she is getting BIG Noro Koreyon!!  See me do the jiggy (or is it jiggly) happy knitter dance!!!!

Now, a trip to my LYS is always a dangerous thing.  It is nowhere in the same league as a trip to Michael’s or Hobby Lobby or even JoAnn’s.  I spied a skein of yarn that I absolutely fell in love with.  I mean I wanted every single skein in the store……that is until I found out it is $25.00 a skein.  YIPES!!!  Maybe next month I’ll allow myself just one……for a scarf……..for ME!  Cuz I am definitely not making anyone anything out of something that costs $25.00 a skein until I hit my personal jackpot and can well afford it.  Today just ain’t that day.  

I couldn’t resist though.  I always always always buy something when I’m there.  This time I think I did well.  I spent some money BUT, as I told my husband, it was an investment.  I wound up getting 2 Addi Turbo circs size 3 for socks and the book Sock Soar on Two Circulars and a skein of sock yarn.  I’ll admit that the sock yarn I should have passed by because I do have some here in my stash but it is pretty and soft and well……you understand the siren song of self striping sock yarn.  So there goes my soap money income.  But hey, if my soaping is supporting my knitting, then it’s all GOOD!!!!

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twig said...

*laugh* I knew that story wasn't going to end up cheaply when it started!

Let me know how you like the two socks on two circs. I bought a little PDF book on it when I first started knitting but my cables on my Needlemaster set are really too thick to do it comfortably so I haven't given it a fair chance.