Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Just asking

Just asking……..

So, is it bad to want to stick a sheep in your husband’s mouth at night in hope’s that THAT will stop the ear splitting, window rattling, wife annoying, no sleep here snore fest???  Yah….I thought so too…….dammit.  It used to be a race to see who went to sleep first.   Now it doesn’t matter.  Me, who sleeps like the dead was roused repeatedly by Tony the Tuba blowing solo all night long.  I couldn’t even get it together long enough to move to the couch last night.  I definitely see a nap in my future today.  


Allena said...

that is pretty bad. so supposidly those nose strips (that go on the bridge of the nose) are supposed to help a snore go away. they have those trial packs at wally world i'd say give it a try. i've only used them for when i have a cold.

penny said...

My sympathies to you. My dh read about a woman who hit her snoring dh with a cast iron frying pan. Let's just say it made him feel a little uncomfortable. I would suggest this to just any one but.......too bad we could lock both of our dh's into a room for one night. A taste of their own medicine would be sweet revenge.

On a more positive note, Thank you for the surprise! I was so curious about the squishy feeling stuff in the envelope that I opened it as soon as I received it.

How on earth did you know I was thinking of making some bead stitch markers? Those are some fancy knitting needles! I've only use wood beads on mine.

penny said...

argh, how did I miss that typo?......that's I WOULDN'T suggest this to just any one

Yvonne said...

My ex used to snore something awful...he had sleep apnea. I'd get your husb. tested for it...or at least ask him to see the dr. Probably not an easy task, I know...but just an idea.

Anonymous said...

My husband snores so bad! I keep a pair of bright orange shooters ear plugs in my pillow case. It helps a lot, but sometimes his snoring is so bad the vibration keeps me awake.
Good luck!