Saturday, December 24, 2005

Christmas 2005

Christmas 2005

Well, the time is near.  The round guy, wearing a really bad suit is soon going to start making his rounds.  I hope everyone gets all their Christmas wishes fulfilled this year.  I have everything I want already.  

I have my health.  This I know because I have been through a gamut of tests these past few weeks and all the results have been negative for the big “C”.  I have a husband who loves me unconditionally and unceasingly.  I have healthy, happy children and two granddaughters that are a joy and a delight each and every day.  I have a nice place to call home.  I have goofy, silly, loving furkids.  

Just this past year, I located my long lost half sister.  She and I lost contact when our father passed away when I was 18 and she was 11.  Our reunion was joyous and I miss her everyday.  I wish we lived closer.  My family is actually pretty small.  It’s just me, her and one brother.  My brother and I have never been close.  I am closer to my brother’s wife than I am to him.  She and I get along very well, and often have long talks, or even no “talks” just comfortable being together.  

Every year, as my daughter is getting older, we are growing closer too.  The years were difficult with her growing up.  She, as a teenager, thought that she knew everything.  She was fearless and thought that she had something to prove to the world and set out to do just that.  It took her many years to come back to me and actually apologize for all the heartache she put me through.  That was a pivotal moment in our relationship.  She is a wonderful mother to my grand children.  I am very proud of her.

Tomorrow I’ll be laying out the spread.  Cooking the roast beast and all the trimmings.  I’m doing the bird a bit different this year.  I’m doing a honey brined turkey this year.  I got the recipe from Robyn, and she says it is delicious so if it’s not I’m blaming it all on her.  I can’t decide if I should even go to bed for a few hours nap, or just stay up and start the cooking marathon in a few hours.  

I long for Christmas’s of years past.  Those are the time’s I miss the most.  I have wonderful childhood memories of Christmas.  We had strong holiday traditions at my grandparent’s house.  I’d give anything for just one more.  I miss my gramps.  He was everything to me.

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