Tuesday, January 10, 2006

A change of scenery

Well how interesting is this? Finally I figured out how to make this blogger program actually work. Or maybe it worked all the time and I was the one who actually learned how to use it. I'm thinking that's the case. I still don't quite understand why it wants to type here in this certain mode, but hey, I'm not arguing because now I don't have to post on two different machines. That is a big time plus! It was a hassle to have to do that. Maybe I'll post more often now. Sometimes I think about things to post, but then I just skip it because I'm all comfy and too lazy to get up and move to the desk top. Now I can REALLY bore you with senseless nonsense.

I got another object off the needles today. That is rather amazing because I have had a roaring headache for about 4 days now. The saving grace is that it was a mindless pattern that I could sit and just knit and not have to pay much attention to. So that will take care of next month's dishcloth exchange. I like being ahead. Dishcloths are SO easy and fast to knit.

I'm still dopey with the headache. It's racheting down to about a 7 from a 10. The spasms have eased in my shoulders which is where they always start. But now I have this finger point of fire in my eye. I could feel this bad boy coming on a couple weeks ago. I always know. The little signs are always there. It's kinda like how the animals sense an earthquake I suppose. The foreboding of evil on the horizon. Best case scenario for me is to not make a trip to the ER. So far, so good this round.

My poor sister is going through a bittersweet time. Her youngest child, her daughter ships out to basic training in the Airforce on the 19th. Her baby. Her heart. Staci is going to Lackland AFB at San Antonio, TX to do her basic training. I am glad she is going there. It's one of the best airbases in the country. I hope to be able to go to her graduation ceremony in March. We'll just have to see. Maybe Tony will be back to work by then and things will be back to normal. Lord knows we need normal around here. It's been a long time since normal.

I have a couple of small Shetland fleeces that I am dying to get my hands into. I hope to start on them tomorrow. They are the double coated type so they should be interesting. The woman who gave them to me said that she will send me more if I like these. Such a nice woman. I've met so many NICE sheep people in my new wool world. It makes me have a renewed faith in the world that there are still some very nice people out there.

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