Friday, October 14, 2005

They did what??????

Are you kidding me?  16 children?  Ok, someone please tell me, how does this make ANY sense at all?  This is the news of the day.  A woman, in my home state (God help me, it’s true), has just birthed her 16th child.  She is only 39 years old and she has only had 2 sets of twins.  You do the math…..she has been pregnant 14 times since she got married at the age of 17 and started birthing babies at the age of 21.  I cannot in my wildest dreams imagine how tired this woman must be.  Let me tell you, they have quite an interesting philosophy as to why they have so many kids.  Incredible.

They say that they have all these kids because it is the love of God that gives them blessings of children.  UUUHHHMMM……ok……but come on!  Me thinks that there is a bit too much lovin going on in that household.  

All of the children wear the same color clothing on each particular day of the week.  Each older child has a younger sibling “helper” to assist him with his or her “jurisdiction” read: chore duties.  The 13 yr old daughter cooks lunch for the crowd and the 14 yr old daughter cooks supper for the crowd.  All the girls wear white socks and the boys wear black.  To look at the family portrait, it is as if you are looking at little carbon copies of mom and dad just in stair step size.

O……….K……………….  I’ll happily keep the ones I have thankyouverymuch!!  

On a lighter note, some of my weeks TO DO list is getting done.  I have made soap this week.  3 new types have been added to the website.  Yippee.  One is ready for sale and two will be ready in a couple weeks after a good cure.  

I am making progress on the afghan.  I got some of the llama cleaned and carded.  I got the gray Lincoln spun.  

Not too bad considering that Malia has been sick this week and I’ve been busy tending to her.  She caught some nasty virus I suppose.  Had a fever and just felt yucky.  All she wanted to do for two days was sit on my lap and be held, so I wasn’t able to get a lot done.  Oh well, those things will be there tomorrow, but my sick baby girl needed her meemee.  

Good news!!  The nasty neighbors moved away!!  Celebration in the neighborhood!!  Now we pray for decent renters AFTER the poor home owners do tons of work to clean up the nasty mess these people have left for them.  EeeeGADS how do some people live like such pigs is totally beyond me!

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twig said...

But if they think children are a gift from G-d, then wouldn't using birth control or otherwise trying to get around having children, being like turning down a gift?

While I believe that fewer people need to be having children and those who do, have fewer of them, really, if they can afford it, treat their children well, teach them well, aren't those kids better off than a lot of kids who are single children of really messed up parents?

Only a generation or so ago, having 15 kids was nearly the "norm" -- at least that's what I found while doing my genealogy. Seldom did you find a French Canadian family with fewer than 12 children.

I couldn't imagine having that many. Hell, I can't imagine having one. But...