Saturday, October 22, 2005

Strange day..........

First off, I would like to put up a couple of pictures of two new yarns I have spun. The black and white single ply is Navajo Churro wool and the two ply gray is Lincoln wool. The churro had quite a bit of lanolin in it still when I spun it, it felt weird. A lot more sticky. The difference in the feel of these two wools is light years apart. The churro is very coarse.....not rough, but more dense and firm, almost reminds me of horse tail hair. In comparison to the Lincoln which was a lot softer and smoother. The churro also had a very long staple. 4 maybe 5 inches in length. I had about a good handful of each of the black and the white that someone generously gave to me to sample and I blended them together with a slicker brush before I spun it. I like how it feels. It is very "rope" like almost. I can see where this would be excellent wool for rug making. I have to work on spinning thinner. Although, really, since I don't like knitting with skinny yarn, I don't know why that would be important except when I ply it. As you can see, after I plied the gray Lincoln, it got very FAT.

So today was kind of a sucky day. I broke one of my spindles. I don't know if I killed it, or if it can be repaired. I was minding my own business, spinning a beautiful piece of cream Merino top. I had parked my spindle, and was drafting out some more of the fiber when shot my end hook. Somehow, the end of the post where the hook inserted into the wood sort of splintered off. I don't know if it is a design flaw or user error. My luck it is user error. I'm the kind of person that can tear up an anvil with a toothpick some days. I hope it can be repaired. Of my two spindles, it was my very favorite. What makes it so bad, is that I was outside when this happened and I lost the copper hook in the grass.

Well, baseball is over for the year. We have been playing since April. I think six months of the game is just about enough for one year. April '06 will be here soon enough. Then we get to start it all again. I don't know if there will be any Fall Ball next year as both boys will be moved up to the Pony League bracket. Preston had a super season. Today alone he hit 2 homeruns, with one being a grandslam. I think they better keep an eye on this kid. One day we might be watching him play in some serious ball games somewhere. He pitched well too. The boy has an arm that won't quit. Dad was catching for him, and he was throwing his pitches so hard that Tony's wedding ring got bent.......inside of the mitt. You think that is some heat?? I wouldn't want to have to be facing him on the mound. No way.

Talked with my sister today. I feel so bad for what is going on with her right now. It is as if her kids have absolutely lost their minds. They have been such GOOD parents to their 3 kids, and yet all three of them, in their own ways have seemed to go out of their way to destroy their lives. And it is all stupid things. It all goes back to the same old stuff. Stupid choices. Drinking. Drugs. Irresponsibility. The kids were raised so much better than that, but it just doesn't matter.

A parent can give their children only so much. We try to raise them in a good home. Provide for all their needs. Food, clothing, shelter, love, morals, boundaries, praise, responsibilities, consequences, faith, charity. Everything that one might hope to instill in a person to make them a decent person. A contributing member of society. And then, we set them free when they become adults. When do they lose their minds? At what exact moment does a child decide that despite all that they learned as a young person growing up, that all that is just a bunch of poo? I know I asked my self this very question when Brandon got into his own troubles. It's a slap in the face to a good parent. The ultimate screw you. So my sister has done the only thing she can do in this situation........she is letting them sort out their own messes without a whole lot of help from good old mom and dad. She is saving her own sanity by taking this route and I have to say that I think she is doing the right thing.

On the knitting front.........

I have given up on the baby blanket for Aliesa right now. 5 trips to the frog pond is plenty. I don't even want to think about it right now. I have moved on to my ultimate challenge. SOCKS. I started to try socks a few months ago. At that time, knitting with an octopus was beyond me, so I shelved that notion. Now, I think I may be ready to have another go at them. I know that I'll have to call on a few knitting pals for advice when I get to the heel. I have read the instructions on the pattern several times and I am not making any sense of it just yet. I am hoping by the time I get to the heel I will have had my light bulb moment.

tata for now...............

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