Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Fiber-y Goodness

Why is it, that when I don't sleep at night, I get the most off the wall creative ideas? The funny thing is, usually these are the best ideas that pop up.

So there I was, minding my own business, laying in bed, listening to the breathing of my husband. In.......and out.........for 2 1/2 hours. See, nobody ever can accuse me of being an early bird cuz I am definately a night own, but last night, I did make it into bed at a rather reasonable hour for me. I was snuggled down at around This means that by 4am I am still wide awake. Meanwhile EVERYONE in the entire house is snoring. Husband, sons, dogs......all of them. The punks.

But laying there in the dark, like I said, does have an upside. Because while I lay there, unable to sleep, my brain ruminates. The topic of discussion last night was fiber. I was wondering if this gray fiber I have could be dyed. I think perhaps it would look cool dyed a dark blue or a dark green or purple. Then I got to thinking about that Ramb. that I have in the closet that was pissing me off already. If I wrecked it, no big loss right. How bout if I toss it in a dye pot? Sure! Why the heck not?? Besides, I have all those GROOVY colors. I have loads of soap colors! And they are all classified as dyes! D&C or FC&C Dyes!!! No cheap-o kool-aide dye for me, no sireeebob! Plus, if that fails, I also have CAKE DYE!! I can dye a whole bus load of fiber and still have dye left over I bet! This is what my 4am, no sleep brain is telling me anyways......

So, by this time, I have just about had it with the in and outs that my husband is doing. I get up. I get a drink and start to do a bit of dye research. HEH! Not a problem, I'm thinking. 5am, the phone rings......its the RR for hubs telling him he is called for his train......gee. I decide to do the whole good wife thing and make him breakfast, but knowing he gets a 2 hour call, I know I still have some time.

So, once I get him and all the kiddos off to work/school I think maybe I can lay down and have a nap. Nope........not happening. No sleep for you. My eyelids are not cooperating. And I am talking ZERO stimulation radio, no tv....just perfect total silence. ZEN even. I think, what the hell and I get up and dig out the wool and start the crockpot.

Once everything is rolling. I plop the wool in, drizzle in some dye, wait a while, take out the wool, rinse, rinse, rinse, rinse and squeeze out the water. This is what I got.......Not bad for a first try.
I'm thinking fall colors next time. Russets, greens and beige-y yellows......ya think??

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Rosi G. said...

Lisa, I'm having loads of fun reading your blog. But this one post made me crack up!! Sounds like me on most nights flipping around in bed! That looks like one big pile of red mess - but a lovely shade of red - can you duplicate that in soap?!?! I can't wait to see if you actually spun it and what it looked like.