Saturday, November 12, 2005

Long time gone

It has been a long time since I have made an entry here.  Obviously.  But, unfortunately, I have been quite sick.  I won’t bore anyone with the details, those of you with whom I correspond on a regular basis will know the details.  I will try to get back to writing more as I feel better.  This thing has just got me feeling so very tired.  I don’t have a lot of energy on a long lasting basis.  I just got done vacuuming the floor and I am wiped out.  What I need to do is find a good project to start so I can just sit and rest and knit quietly.  I haven’t been doing even that.  I am way behind on my forum reading and my blog reading so I feel quite out of touch with all of everyone’s lives.  I have been able to go to the library and pick up a few books to keep myself occupied.  Funny though, I did that on the Sunday before I got hit with the sickness so I guess perhaps God was preparing me for a long lay in.  Good to know He was watching out for me.  

Currently reading Eleven On Top by Janet Evanovich.  Eleventh in the series of her Stephanie Plum novels.  I love them and anxiously await every new installment.  

Prayers, candle lightings, or whatever you do to offer up speedy recoveries would be appreciated!

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jeanne & paul said...

Lisa, Paul and I are very sorry to hear you have been this ill. We do wish you a speedy recovery -- and we hope to hear from you soon.