Monday, October 22, 2007

Essential Stripe Sweater

Here is one of the lastest projects that I'll be working on while I'm just sitting and healing. I started it while I was out in Calif. The pattern is the Essential Stripe Sweater by Wendy Bernard. Unfortunately, the colors didn't show really true in this shot. The actual colors are more olive green and more of a true cranberry grape color. The yarn is Nature Spun by Brown Sheep and the actual colorways are Green Olive and Cranberry Fog. The original pattern showed to be multi-colored stripes, but for the first run at it, I thought that I would just do it in two. So far I'm liking this pattern just fine. It's one of those patterns with options for different sleeve lengths etc.

I'm also working on a Chevron Scarf. Oh boy is that ever a tedious little dude! I *might* be done by Christmas.

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