Monday, June 25, 2007

Bountiful Harvest

My little lavender plants have absolutely flourished this year! I was able to cut enough to get lots and lots of dried buds PLUS enough to make several Lavender Wands.

I've never made lavender wands before this year and after the first couple, I was actually doing a pretty fair job. Mmmmmm they sure smell yummy! My sister Patricia is a lavender lover, so I'll be sending her a few to use in her drawers and closet. She'll love me for that.

The photograph here is just ONE harvest cutting. I got about 6 cuttings of this size over the whole season. I noticed there are still a couple of blooms coming on even still, but sadly the season is almost over. I'll be very very sad if I have to leave these plants behind because they seem to like the way I grow them.

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