Saturday, May 19, 2007

Secret Pal hit me again!

I have such a great secret pal. She sent me such a wonderful Spring surprise! Besides 2 skeins of one of my very favorite yarns....Cascade 220 in a fabulous navy blue....which is OUTSTANDING! she totally loaded me up on things I needed for my garden. I got flower seeds, a darling watering can, a sweet little garden marker and some wonderful gardening gloves which I really really needed. OH! and some beautiful hand painted spring flower buttons! I can't wait to find the perfect sweater to use them on!

I lurve my secret pal! Thank you SO very much for your wonderful gift!

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Anonymous said...

I always wanted to do a garden theme package! So glad you like everythign! Cascade 220 is one of my favorites as well. It was funny because I had your yarn set aside for this package when I got a package from My pal with some gorgeous dark blue Cascade 220 in it! :D

~ Your Secret Pal