Friday, May 11, 2007

Back On Track

Well I'm finally back online. I'm finally back from my journey to the home coast. Boy what a journey it truly was. All of this mad, mad, mad, orchestration for my 20 year old niece who got married. It was CRAZY! For the first week, (wedding day -6) we worked like dogs I tell ya. Dogs! Literally falling, dead, into whatever horizontal soft plane we could find as soon as we possibly could after an evening meal, kitchen clean up, and shower. By Friday, the night of the rehersal, some of us were working like RABID dogs - present company included. I would find myself making lists to keep my lists organized. One of THE most important lessons I learned during the whole week prior to the wedding is this: Never EVER send someone who doesn't bake to the store to purchase a 9" cake pan for you AND not all 9" cake pans are created equal nor do all 9" cake pans measure 9". The story behind this lesson is that I was making 2 three layer Italian Creme cakes. But, my sister only owned 2 9" cake pans. So, I asked Rich, (the groom) to go up to the store and get me a 9" cake pan just like this one....and I showed him what I wanted. So off he scampered to get my pan. The pan he brought me was a full inch larger. Attempt number two - same request but he went to a different store (unbeknownst to me) - another pan, yet another size. Now I have 4 9" cake pans and they are 3 totally different sizes. Lovely. Apparently like with some gentlemen, an inch isn't measured quite the same way in all cake pan factories. I gave up sending people for cake pans and took time off from food preparation and went and got two more matching 9" cake pans. Now my sister is the proud owner of 6 - 9" cake pans. 3 the same size, 2 of another size and one single. I guess she can put a couple in the sailboat for Chip to use in the cooker.

The cake pan issue was just one of the weird-o things that happened. Thankfully, all the food that was prepared was enjoyed by all. Between myself and Chris and Erica and Patricia and Chip, I think that we all did a fabulous job of feeding the masses. I didn't get Chris's pasta recipe like I wanted, but I'll get it later for sure cuz it was outstandingly yum-o and several people wanted my recipes.

Staci was a beautiful, stunning, princess of a bride. She has always been such a photogenic person anyway that for her being beautiful on her wedding day is just as natural as breathing. The wedding dress was strapless and it had corset laces up the back for about 18" and chrystals and ruching all across the bust and waist. Groom, Rich wore his dress uniform, so he looked great too. I told him that he got off too easy.

The photographer took some great pictures. I can't wait to get the online password and website so we can see them. Everything is digital so we can order whatever size we want and how many. Even if we want it black and white or sepia. He took individual pictures of people if they wanted or groups and family photos. I had my picture taken and I'm actually surprised at how good that it looked. The hairdresser that did my hair did a really good job. She had SO many bobby pins in my hair that I couldn't believe it~! My hair made me think of Natalie Wood in Breakfast at Tiffany's. It was all ringlets and rolled up on the crown of my head and felt so weird. My kids are gonna have a fit when they see it.

It's nice to be home though. I missed my husband like crazy! I was so bad missing him while I was gone and often times I felt SO alone. Sounds nuts huh? Out there surrounded by family but feeling all alone? I had really, really concentrate on keeping my family in my "pocket" so I wouldn't get so sad missing them.

After the wedding was over and the mess cleaned and the house put back to normal, we collapsed. It took about 2 or 3 days for the feeling to come back into our feet and backs I think.

I think that is enough right now. I have pictures to post but they are in my camera still. I haven't sorted through them yet. Some are very very cool.

I'm glad to be home people. I missed everyone. To those of you who love me.......I love you right back!!

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