Saturday, February 24, 2007

Stopped me in my tracks.......

I read something today that literally resonated deep within me.
"Let no one steal your peace." I have been guilty of letting people do just that from time to time. I have always been someone who wants to be a "pleaser" and the "peacemaker", no matter what the cost was to me. Even if it didn't sit well with me or "stole my own peace".

Just a week or so ago I was watching an Oprah show about something called "The Secret". Have you all heard about that, or did you catch the show? Now talk about being hit between the eyes with the proverbial hammer! OMG! Since watching that show, I've gone to the website and read up on The Secret. Amazing. I have been conciously been keeping the Secret's concepts in the forefront of my brain and actively applying them to my daily thinking. Let me tell you, it REALLY has made a difference in my outlook on things. I feel that there is a real change in my spirit and attitude. That, my friends, is a very good thing!!

I have had a fabulous knitting breakthrough! Magic Loop socks! Who knew that socks could be so easy and what took me so long to jump on that bandwagon. Holy cow! It truly is magic all right. Right now I am working on the fabulous Jaywalker pattern from Knitty. I have become sock obsessed. I have always had a mad crazy love for socks anyway, and wanted to knit so that I could make my own socks but DPN's and I never got along. Now, I am in heaven. I want ALL the sock yarn. I want all the sock patterns.

I love:
Socks That Rock
Lisa Souza
Lorna's Laces
Scout's Swag
Pippi Knee Socks
Mountain Colors Bearfoot
and Etsy!
oh and of course there are masses of fabulous commercial sock yarns out there. Southwest Trading Co. has just come out with a cool one that has crab and ship shell made into the yarn so that the shell chitin provide and antibacterial property to the yarn. How cool is that?

My Tote Swap III bag is finished and should be off in the mail in the next week IF I can find the time between all the appointments we have. We have kept the road pretty hot running to all of Tony's doctor visits etc. I think he only has 3 next week. Only.

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