Monday, February 26, 2007

Enjoy it now

She better enjoy her full coat while she has it because Miss Dolly Fuzz Butt is sure going to look diffent in a few days. Yep, let the trimming and trauma begin. This, being her first hair cut is going to be quite an adventure for both of us. It is definately going to take both Tony and I to do the job. I'm going to try the clippers first and I hope they go well. I've clipped rabbits before with scissors and that is a pain and they wind up looking SO choppy. Luckily our clippers are quiet so hopefully she'll do ok.

My mind is already starting to think about my upcoming trip to California. I wasn't excited when I booked my flight, but now that it's getting closer to time, I'm getting more anxious. I'm so happy to get to see my sister for a whole two weeks! I've got to figure out the logistics of it all between now and then. Of course I'll be a big bag of worry by the time it's time to go. I know how I am. I just hope I can make the flight without a trip to the ER this time.

I'm off to bed. Early day tomorrow again. And two more after that. This is one tough week!


stickchick said...

Good luck with your bunny haircut!! I'm so intriqued to see what you do with the fur!!

You will have an awesome time on your trip!! Quit worrying silly girl!!

Polly said...

I want you to keep me up to date with every detail of your bunny adventures as I am looking to get 2 myself. I almost got 2 over SP9 from one of my participants, but she couldnt ship from Canada.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!

~ Your Secret Pal (10)