Thursday, August 03, 2006

It has been too long!

This is a bath scrubbie. It is knit from cotton and hemp yarn. I was to make a project from the book One Skein Knits for my swap pal. There was so many different things to choose from, but not really knowing any of her likes or dislikes or her sizes, I really couldn't make her anything too personal. This little thing didn't take but a few hours to make and it is really soft. I'm going to make another for myself. I always use a scrubbie in the shower. What could be better?

And this? Is this not just too cute? It's the tote my bag made for me by my exchange partner in the Tote Exchange. I've never tried to do entrelac knitting, so this totally rocks in my book.

I've also got about 10" done on the tank I'm working on. A photo would be boring because it's just a rectangle on circular needles right now. I've got about 4 more inches before it will look like anything else.

I updated my book page. I've not added any new books that I'd read since June to that page. I was surprised how many I'd read. There is some good stuff there if you like mystery type novels.

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