Sunday, July 16, 2006

101 degrees/90% humidity

Yes, it's hot. And humid. Kind of like trying to breath through a sponge. No sense doing your hair or putting on any type of make-up unless it is just some powder. You are going to sweat it off in 2.5 seconds anyway. Well, I will anyway. I've lived here for 22 years now and still have not adjusted to the humidity. I say this because there has got to be an adjustment factor or at the very least a genetic adaptation factor. See, Friday night, we went to the last play off game at the ball field to see who would win the championship. And buddy let me tell you what, it was miserable. But there sitting in front of me was this woman, oh, perhaps 50 years old. She was dressed in long black polyester pants, a 3/4 length sleeve button up cotton blouse and had waist length hair pulled back in a pony tail. Plus she was wearing knee high hose and open toe sandals. The woman was not breaking even ONE drop of sweat. Her face was bone dry like porcelain. Not even dewy. I don't get it. Angela and I were absolutely melting and this woman is still fresh and pristine as if she has some type of internal cooling system going on.

The game was great by the way, 16 to 13 in 8 innings. Those poor boys played their hearts out. Of all the days for it to be so hot. Up to now we have really not had it bad.

So now that ball season is over, Preston is going to be climbing the walls with boredom. His ADHD just won't let him sit still anyway and now that he won't be so exhausted he will have extra energy to drive everyone crazy. The last month before school begins is always more trying with him. He wanted me to take him fishing last night at 8:00 o'clock. I don't think so.

I don't understand kids these days anyway. It's like they always have to be entertained. When I was a kid, we entertained ourselves. We darn sure didn't have TV's and video games in our rooms to do it with either. Nor did we have access to computers. We played outside. Or we played inside. We definately didn't depend upon our parents to be the entertainment committee though. These two boys here always, ALWAYS want to go somewhere. Somewhere that usually involves spending money to pay for entertainment.......the movies, the video store, the arcade, the paintball place, blah blah blah. When did kids forget how to be kids? Where did a kids imagination go? What about creativity? I remember MAKING things to entertain myself. We used to make our own kites for instance. We made forts and had adventures. I guess that is too boring now days.

Till later........I'm going to go get some outside stuff done before it gets too bloody hot already!


twig said...

I think dealing with the humidity is something that is developed in early childhood. I grew up in northwest Florida, where you can always cut the air with a knife. As an adult, my husband and I spent time in Oklahoma, Colorado, and central Texas. I have never been more miserable in my life. My skin was always peeling and the membranes in my nose hurt from the lack of humidity. It took me about 2 weeks to get used to the humidity again. But I'm definitely in my element again.

Polly said...

Oh those crazy kids. Next their music will be too loud.