Thursday, June 15, 2006

Interesting Week

I have had one of the more eye opening, enlightening weeks that I have had in a very long, long time. I have also taken bigger steps towards my own personal mental health than ever before. I'd say that before now, that the time was just not right. The reason I say this, is because I now believe that God has sent to me a therapist who really can help me do the work this time. Finally. Oh boy, this is going to be scary, and quite a journey. But it will be SO worthwhile and long overdue. I've only had two sessions with my new therapist, but already this woman has SO got my number. She says that she is me a few years ago is why she understands so well. She feels as if she was called to be a therapist and that it truly turned her life around to be helping people healing their lives. Yes, finding her is definately a God thing.

On the needles this week: a felted cell phone case. We got new phones some few weeks ago and I didn't really like any of the cases I saw online. I found Tony one he likes and I wound up settling for one that I thought I could live with but when it came it was just too tight to get my phone in and out easily. So, I knew I could make one. I have some yarn that I've been wanted to make something out of for a while so I decided to use that. Only today did I figure out where to get more so now I can make something else if I want. Here is the finished phone case I made. It was really simple.........

I've also been reading the book
  • Marley and Me
  • I was crying by page 70. This is definately a great book! If you are any type of a dog lover, I highly recommend this book. It has made me appreciate my rough and tumble, airhead bulldogs a whole lot more just reading about Marley. I now know why I'll never own another Lab. I've laughed alot while reading this book, so don't get the wrong isn't a total cry fest. It only has a few sweet tear jerking moments in it. Most of the time you wonder what kind of crack kibble they feed that dog.


    twig said...

    What a great idea for a cell phone case!

    Good luck with the therapist. I'm glad that you've found someone with whom you feel comfortable.

    Enjay said...

    I've looked at that book with the thought of picking it up, but haven't had the time to read lately so I haven't. It does look very good, I'll have to put it on my definate list :) Thank you. I'm glad that you've found someone who will help you.

    Polly said...

    Cute cellphone case. You should check out Meerkat Manor if you like to amorphize animals.