Friday, June 23, 2006

Format Change

So, what do you think of the new page design? It literally took me HOURS to get everything transferred over. My DH thinks that I have lost my ever lovin' mind. He absolutely does NOT understand blogs. Even though I was *specifically* told by my therapist that I was to start journaling. Plus he knows good and well that my daughter reads my blog/journal here online. I'm not sure why she does, but she does. I guess it gives her an inside peek inside my oh so scary head lol. Oh the things she only wishes she knew.... Me, I really like the new look with the exception of the font size. If I can ever figure out what the key to enlarging it is I will be happy. So far I haven't figured out what that HTML code is yet. It is quite a bit different from the HTML coding of the other one.

I also moved my reading list to a whole other page of it's own. It was just getting too long and taking up too much room on the sidebar. So you can find a direct link to the book page. Now I can put a link up too for all my knitting books. I'm getting a pretty nice collection and I'll write a little book review of each of them for ya.

1 comment:

dianne said...

hi! Even though I didn't see your other blog, I just wanted to say that this one looks great!