Friday, April 28, 2006

One week out.

Well, I'm one week out. I guess I'm feeling pretty good considering. I am just awfully tired. Sleep is now my best good friend. I figure that's a good thing, especially since I can't drive or anything. I'm pretty much stranded and dependant upon the mercy of people to remember to either bring me stuff or I have to wait on Tony to get in from work. Ever since he went back to work, it's back to same old same one day, gone the next so catching him is pretty darn tough. If he gets in tomorrow we'll have to do the grocery run for sure! I hate that.

My friend Marjorie from Mass. sent me three Shetland fleeces this week. They are absolutely fabulous! This morning was nice out, so I was able to very carefully and very slowly gather everything I needed out on the patio so I could skirt one of them. That Shetland fleece is SO soft and fluffy and silky, even straight from the sheep and dirty it is like the softest cotton you ever felt. I didn't lose too much of the fleece in the skirting because luckily there wasn't that much chaff and hardly any barnyard matter in it at all. I kept out a couple of good handfulls of it and washed it up just to see what it would look like carded and spun. If my belly calms down I may spin it up later on this evening. Marjorie surprised me and sent me a photo of one of her ewes named Rhubarb. So cute!

Speaking of fiber, last night Tony called and said that he saw a whole bale of cotton laying along side of the railroad tracks where it had fallen off of a box car. He called to ask me if I thought that I might want the thing and if I thought that we could get rid of it to any of my spinning pals on the net? I told him that I thought that I had a feeling that we could probably have NO problem getting rid of that cotton, especially seeing as how it was already ginned. I mean, really, even though there is no telling actually how clean it truly is, the simple fact that it is already de-seeded and de-hulled is a HUGE plus ahead. Those cotton bolls are terribly wicked sharp for those of you who have never picked or messed with cotton or tried to dig the seeds out of the fiber before. A bale of cotton will weigh about 500 pounds. I'm even thinking that if I can find a processor, I might send off some to have put up in roving. It would cost more to sell that way for someone to buy, but it would be a nicer product for them to receive in the long run. I might even play with trying to dye some just for the fun of it. I darn sure don't need 500 pounds of cotton all by myself!!! Man! thats alot of stuffing!!

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