Thursday, March 23, 2006

Spring Break

Spring Break has arrived. I think the school's do Spring Break not only to give the teachers a break, but to give all us parents a warm up for summer vacation. Eleven days of kids home. But then that isn't good enough for them.....they tack on a couple extra days of parental patience testing in the guise of teacher inservice and training.

Spring break and summer vacation around our house means a dramatic increase in the size of our grocery bill. It also means a dreamatic rise in the amount of time the boys are together, thus the amount of time they can hone the fine art of fighting with one another. Seeing as how they are 14 and 15, it is always a constant battle around here for one rediculous reason or another. I have never seen the likes of it myself.

My husband does not understand my agnst. He comes from a family of 12 kids and he was the youngest so I guess from his perspective it was "game on" much of the time. This is something is am totally not used to. I so didn't grow up in a rowdy household. Tony tells me that the boys act normal.....that their sibling rivalry is also because of their close age. I suppose he should know...he was also 20 months apart from his nearest brother.

So, again, I pray that I can be a good, patient mom. And that they don't kill each other.


twig said...

I hate to say this, but take a couple valium and enjoy it. It is normal

penny said...

Argh, the memories! Been there, done that, got the tshirt to prove it. DD(my first born) and DS are three years apart. There were times I thought they were going to hurt or kill each other as well.

No, they never got that violent, had any blood shed or broken bones. As they matured, they fought less and became close very close.

I know it's difficult but hang in there. Blame it on the hormones.