Tuesday, January 17, 2006

It's finally winter here!

It snowed today. Big fat juicy beautiful fluffy flakes. Melted as soon as they hit the ground. Oh, and the snow burst lasted about 30 minutes. Then the sun came out and everything was bright and crisp. It is finally cool though, like it should be. I so love fall and winter, but this year it has not even hardly been cold enough to wear a coat outside most days. A light sweater or a fleece jacket usually does fine. Today, I actually got to wear the cap my Spindler pal knit for me. I had some chores to do outside and the wind was howling so it felt nice.

I finished knitting up Lady's doggy sweater. My daughter has YET to come pick it up. ARRRRGGGGG!! When she asked me to knit one, it was as if the poor pup was going to freeze to death possibly within the next instant if I didn't hurry up and get it done. Now it's been done three days and it is still sitting on the table by the front door. Oh well. She's had plenty on her mind this week so I can't blame her........much. My ex......her dad......is in the hospital trying to have a heart attack and trying to convince the doctors that he isn't an alcoholic etc etc etc. I am SO glad that is not my problem. I have enough of my own without adding booze to the mix.

My brother finally got into see an Oncologist today. The great news is that he does NOT have cancer. Apparently all the swelling and pain are some kind of weird rheumatiod thing. And the white blood cell issue is because they have been treating him with steroid injections for all that for so long that it has raised his levels. The oncologist is very curious as to why the arthritis doctor that my brother saw previously sometime LAST year did not figure all this out. Anyway, he (the doc) said that even though he didn't have cancer and rheumatism and arthritis wasn't his specialty, that he would get to the bottom of it and figure out a plan and course of treatment. So that is very good news indeed! I was so worried about what in the world my sister in law was going to do alone with 3 kids. Especially since they just had a baby.

Now maybe my brother will get up and get back into the game of life. He is a wallower. I guess when he thought that he might be dying, he gave himself permission to pretty much check out. Time for him to get moving. One of the worse things he could do for his arthritis is to SIT and stiffen up and stuff. He needs to get back into slowly becoming more active and fit again. My brother used to be quite the buff big stud. Now, his is just the big softie.

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