Monday, January 30, 2006

19 rows to go

Only 19 more rows to go until I finish my very first shawl! Go me! That is only one whole repeat and part of another plus the edging. I can't wait to get it done and wear it just once. I may decide to give it away to my sister, but then again, I may not. I have more yarn to make another just like it, and it was easy enough to make. I just can't decide which colorway she would prefer. This first one is in the bright jewel tones I prefer and the other colorway is in more subtle colors. I almost think she'd prefer the other so.........

I picked up the yarn today for my Olympic project. In case you forgot I'm going to do the Kiri shawl. The original pattern calls for laceweight fuzzy mohair but that would make me insane in less than 5 minutes and I refuse to go there. I'm going to play it safe and go the route that Lesley went and knit it up in a medium weight merino wool. She said she did 8 repeats instead of the pattern called for repeat of 12's in size 11 needles. I'm not sure why she did that exactly, so I need to talk with her more about that particular aspect. I chose a medium denim blue color wool. I think it will be beautiful.

I also got some more Sugar & Cream on sale for my dishcloth exchanges. I'll be set now through June on cotton thread.

I'm working on getting my Secret Pal 7 gift together. I need to drag out the sewing machine for one thing. I'm going to make three of the same thing. My soap dish pal will get one too since she is also a knitter. Every knitter needs one of these sweet babies that I'm going to sew up. And of course I'm gonna make one for me. I tried to find some laceweight yarn for her today too since she likes to knit lace but I'll have to go to my LYS to find that. Hobby Lobby doesn't carry any "good" stuff like that of course. Either that or I'll have to order online for her. My pal, she has GREAT taste. More patience than I do to knit with that laceweight stuff I'll tell ya.

I got good news at the doctor's today. Apparently one of my cysts has busted all by itself and is gone and one of the others is shrinking. So, in another couple of months, I'll go back for another ultrasound for another look see and again decide whether or not if we need to remove them. Tony unfortunately didn't get that groovy of news. Well, he did and he didn't. He is still going to be off work for another 4-6 weeks but this new doctor thinks he can get him on the right track. He is going to start him on epidural steriod shots and cortisone shots and doing some exercises and stuff. He is working hand in hand with the neurologist to get Tony well so I am pleased with his care. I'm just really bummered that he isn't at work. But, the longer he is off, the larger the settlement will be at the end of it all. UPRR is NOT going to be happy with all of this. Thank GOD we went ahead and hired an attorney to handle all of this. It's pretty much a have to thing whenever you get involved with the railroad and the FRA. It sucks.

Well, today, I woke up without a headache. First time in 6 days. By the time I got done with the doctors and the grocery shopping etc, of course I was in serious pain and had to come home and lay down for a while, but at least I can happily say that I DO NOT have a headache! YIPPEE!!!! I can take just about anything until my head hurts. Now, I have the headache hangover. I'm exhausted and could sleep for 3 days.

I need to make soap. I have been getting a few orders in of late and my stock is getting a little low. I probably should make 4 or 6 batches this week just to be on the safe side. I really need to order a few supplies too, but I just hate to unless I get a really big order in. I need emu oil and that stuff is HIGH!

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