Friday, December 09, 2005

The soapy side of me

As usual, I always get orders around this time of year from people wanting gifts. I was packaging up a couple of orders last night and decided to take some product photos. I need to update them for my website anyway. Orders this time of year are great! Women love getting a basket of smell goodies as a gift, so if the gifter knows what particular scents the giftee likes the present is always a hit. Anyway, I just thought I should post some pictures here to show the "Bubble" side of me.

A soap stack of various scents.

One For All Body Cream on top is my formulation of a cream that is half body butter and half lotion to give the user a nice thick, rich body cream.

Goats Milk Lotion is a light lotion that sinks in quickly.

Velvet Body Cream is a middle weight body cream that can even be used on the face for extra dry patches.

My customers all have a hard time deciding which of the three products they like the best. Each one is unique and extra specially good in its own right.

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