Thursday, December 08, 2005


We had our first skiff of snow last night. Not enough to keep our boys out of school (awwwww), but enough to cover the ground and close many schools around the state. I think snow is pretty, and now that I am not forced to get out and drive on it, I can tolerate it. To a point. I only say that because my husband does have to commute on it at times, just depending on how his work schedule falls.

Snow in the South is an amazing thing. People lose their fool minds. You should have seen the traffic and the crowds at the grocery stores. They acted as if we were setting in for a blizzard and the grocery delivery truck would have to dog sled in supplies. Sheesh! And don't even get me started on how OTHER people drive on snow. Now I KNOW that I suck as a snow driver and I simply do not do it. But some people must and they just don't get it. They drive like crazy people. I worry more about someone hitting me or Tony than I do about him hitting someone. (Gee can't imagine why I am terrified of that!) Needless to say, with my PTSD re: driving and traffic and auto accidents, I don't do well "out" when the weather gets nasty.


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gypsi said...

We, too, had a cold blast.. but we had ice. I could deal with is the ice I hate...and this cold blast killed my car.. Soooo leaving me a foot.
We also seem not to know how to drive in this kind of stuff.. there are always people who feel invinsable and want to drive like maniacs.. thus causing accidnts...

glad your warm and safe...