Tuesday, November 29, 2005

"Pwetty MeeMee"

Well my little squid Malia is adding daily to her vocabulary. Yesterday I was busy making some beaded stitch markers and she ambled over, assessed my work and declared it acceptable. "Pwetty Meemee", she said. I have to agree. I think they turned out nice. Way better than I thought, especially since it was my first foray into the beadwork world.

I made jewelry for my knitting projects. How cool and tres elegant is that??

I played a bit more with some kool-aide dying. I had reclaimed a sweater from the goodwill that was made from some really GOOD yarn. 85% wool and 15% acrylic that is soft as buttah. I have yards and yards of the stuff. It started out a nice ivory color. Well it's not ivory anymore.

Now it is cool! I'm thinking that I really need to unply it and reply it because when I was unraveling the sweater, the strands didn't stay plyed very well. I could always knit it as it is. It would kindof be like knitting with two strands of sock weight yarn held together, but I think replying it might be a better look in the long run. It's a LOT of yarn so it will be a daunting task for sure.

On the home front, we have all recovered from our turkey coma's. It took me two days to recover from two days of non-stop cooking. I hate it. I hate what the surgery left me with. Unfortunately, events like holidays or anything really strenuous actually remind me just WHY I can't work anymore. I hate it.

Next hurdle to climb will be Christmas. We'll see how that goes. Thankfully, even though there was 16 people in my house, who were all related, nobody got out of line. I just hope that trend can continue for ONE more family holiday. It may just be too much to ask for my family.


twig said...

Oh drats. I ruined the surprise. I had no idea you were sending me beaded stitch markers for Hannukah. Purty.

Lisa said...

Silly girl! Why would you want/need beaded stich markers?

twig said...

Because I do! *laugh*

BTW, may I just say how much your eyes sparkle from the light of the computer monitor?