Thursday, October 06, 2005

Mailman Brings Joy

Well it was a fiber-y sort of day around our house.  The mailman was the bearer of boxes of great joy.  First box contained raw sheep fleece all the way from Idaho (Thanks Ric and Denise!).  They have a small flock of  Rambouillet sheep that they use for grazing.  They don’t do anything with the wool, so he just has it stored in his barn.  He was happy to send me some to try out.  The second box contained my new beautiful spindle.  This is the spindle I have been waiting for.  I’m a beta tester for Simple Market Farms, and they make spindles and sell wool rovings to spinners.  They have a great assortment of wool to choose from.  As a beta, I get to help them assess the spindle and the wools and give my opinions and such and so.  They sent me some gray Lincoln roving and also some cream pencil roving.  I can’t wait to get my hand into the pencil roving.  It feels like buttah.

I also took one of my Goodwill sweaters to the frogpond.  It came apart easily.  The yarn in it seems to be real nice yarn.  It’s a 70/30 blend acrylic and wool.  Now a lot of people are snobs when it comes to yarn and want nothing BUT wool.  I, am not.  I’ll take whatever looks and feels good.  I don’t care if it is the most expensive, finest yarn in the store….if it doesn’t feel good to my skin, I’ll not be buying it.  Besides, the new yarns they are coming out with everyday are so amazing and wonderful it is difficult to tell some of them from wool unless you read the label.  And some wools are so soft and fine that they feel like a soft, fine baby yarn.  Not all wool is itchy scratchy like the wool you think of when you think of that old sweater you used to wear that made you itch like crazy.  Now days some sheep are being bred specifically to give a softer, silkier wool.  

Tomorrow I have to make some soap.  I just haven’t felt up to the task of making soap lately.  Nothing motivates you like donating all of you inventory to hurricane relief.  I have very few bars in stock incase someone wants to order.  

Gosh I’m a busy girl.

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