Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Computers drive me crazy!

Yes, it's true. I have a love/hate relationship with a very important unmentioned object in my life.....Namely: the computer. I love it because it has brought into my life so many wonderful things. Without my computer I would literally be a shut in. I would have little contact with the outside world on a daily basis other than via my TV and my hubby.

With my computer, I have learned how to knit. It has become a passion in my life. I have known how to crochet for many many years and always wanted to know how to knit but never had a teacher until I had my computer and the various forums and lessons within. I have also begun to learn how to spin. Just this week, I have spun my very first tiny skein of beautiful yarn. I am so proud of me!! That yarn you see there is what "I" made.

With my computer, I have met some of the most wonderful women on planet earth. They are my friends and I am theirs. We laugh together, cry together, celebrate together, mourn together, rage together, but most of all we are just there for each other. We send each other birthday cards, no reason cards, surprise packages, and all sorts of things. In fact just recently, a group of them got together and traveled across the country and "crashed" the wedding of one of the girls in the group. I wasn't able to make the trip, but I enjoyed it nonetheless through them via their reports back. I love them very much. We have woven each other into the fabrics of our lives.

Why do I hate computers? Well for one, I am having to type this blog on my desktop because on my laptop I can't type in a nice neat little box like this. Why not? Good question. It's not showing up on my laptop. All the stuff above this typing space is there, except there is not place to put a curser.

I also hate computers because when you least expect it and for no good reason whatsoever, they will die. Turn one off one day and go to Texas and see what happens. Ours decided while we were gone that enough was enough.

I hate computers because we HAVE to have one. Really. Hubby's work is all computerized and he has to keep up with when he goes to work and where he is going via computer. It is our time slave.

I suppose the good does out weigh the bad. But man when things go bad with your computer it is as if life as you have come to know it has come to an end. The world tilts on its axis and gravity stops until it is fixed. We NEED our computers now days just like we need our vehicles and that, my friends is rather sad don't you think?

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