Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Farewell old friend

Our old dog, Dusty, a faithful Golden Retriever, went over the Rainbow Bridge today. We knew this day was coming, but one is still never quite ready you know? The "old man" was about 15 or 16 yrs old and lived a good life and was loved. I'd say that he died happy and in peace. It's going to be strange for a while though, not to see him laying right at the back door. He was so deaf that he never could hear the door open anymore and he was so big that you had to nudge him with your foot to get him to move so you could get out the door because he was just too wide to step over. Trying to step over him while he was asleep ran the risk of him waking up and standing up while you were mid straddle of him. That would have been a catastrophy! My little granddaughter Malia is going to really miss him. She loved that old dog......called him Dutty. His hair and her's was the exact same shade of red.

Fare the well old friend. I know that all your aches and pains are gone now and your'e running and romping free as a pup once again. We'll miss you.

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