Thursday, January 11, 2007

Pod Casts

I have slowly been getting with the program and started listening to some knitting podcasts. I've been reading about podcasts for a while now and so many people write about how much they really enjoy listening to them. I have been just amazed at how many podcasts there are! There are podcasts about just about anything you can imagine. I guess it's the next best thing since the blog. Seems like it's the child OF the blog. Cuz usually where there is a podcast there was a blog first. But then again, where there is a podcast, there is a blog of the show notes, so I guess it's a matter of chicken or the egg. Either way, it's a lot of fun to listen to and really entertaining.

Up until just the last few weeks I've only been able to listen to them on my computer. I've told my DH that I really wanted an ipod so that I could put my podcasts and my talking books on it and use it while knitting or choring or whatever. So much more freedom than to be hooked up to this thing. So far I don't have my ipod yet, but he did get me a new cell phone the other day that has all kinds of neat bells and whistles on it, one being the ability to play MP3's. It stores them on a removable flash card like you put in a digital camera which it totally cool, so you can buy a larger one than what came with the phone. The one that came in the phone is only 128mg, so it really doesn't hold that much. Especially if you have any photos stored in the memory also, which I do. But it holds enough that I can put about 30 minutes or so on it right now so that I have something to listen to while I'm waiting at the doctors office or whatever.

So far, I have to say that my absolute favorite podcast knitting wise is Lime and Violet. Those two women just have TOO much fun!! I can totally see myself being friends with them. They absolutely crack me up. My 2nd favorite podcast is probably Cast On. Even the yarn supplier WEBS has gotten on the podcast bandwagon with one called "READY, SET, KNIT!", and it is pretty darn good too.

What is neat about these things is that they are absolutely free to listen to. I get mine from ITUNES, but I'm pretty sure that there are several different hosts that they uplink their shows to and they are all free to subscribe to. ITUNES keeps a show archive, so whatever has been aired in the past you can listen to also. It's really simple to use, and if you have a fast connection it takes no time at all to upload an edition or a "show". I don't know about the other hosts, but on ITUNES, they have a search feature so you can type in knitting or spinning and get a great long list.

Only thing I've noticed with these podcasts is that the people who start them are kinda like us who have blogs. We all start out with great intentions I suppose and then life or circumstances get in the way. Some of the knitting/spinning podcasts haven't had any new episodes broadcast in a good while. I'll keep the ones I liked in my queue anyway just in case they get back in the program saddle and start broadcasting again. It always shows when a show has been updated.

SO.....if you haven't checked out podcasts, I say do it. And start with Lime 'n Violet. You can find their blog about their podcast with the shownotes here at: Seriously, any woman who refers to her lumps in her breast as "boob rocks" has got to have a MAJOR sense of humor.

OTN: Calometrics and fingerless mitts for my sister


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