Saturday, June 24, 2006

SUPER One Skein Secret Pal !!!! (can I say it any louder??)

Once upon a time, some people over at Interweave Press got this idea to kinda promote a new book that just so happens to be called "One Skein", to start a new secret pal exchange. The deal was that everyone was going to send someone ONE skein of yarn in June, and July and then in August send that person a knitted item from the book One Skein. Not a bad way to boost book sales eh? So, time rocks on and everyone is all paired up and today my June package arrived.

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WHOOT!! My oh my my my!!! It's manna from heaven! I have THE best One Skein pal on the planet!! She sent a nice pair on the new Daisy needles in my favorite size, and some beautiful, beautiful Southwest Trading Co. "Kareoke" which is 50%wool/50%soy silk and some of her own hand spun in co-ordinating colors. I am in love with the colors she sent. And that is not all....a book!! I've been wanting (lusting) to get the new book entitled "big girl knits". Well, my fantastic pal not only got me a copy of this hilariously funny knitting book with great patterns in it for gals like me who are not a size M...BUT --- she got me a PERSONALIZED and SIGNED BY THE AUTHORS proof copy!! Now tell me just how flipping COOL is that? And the authors put a cute little promo pin inside the book that says "KNIT BIG". I'm telling ya, I don't know who my secret pal person is, but whooo boy, I could just hug your neck!!

I'm on chapter 3 so far in this book and I have totally cracked up reading it. I laughed on the first page. So much so that I had to read a few bits of it outloud to my DH. These authors are not the least bit shy about telling it like it is when talking about the female body and how it is shaped and how knit garments should fit to flatter it best. Just for example......ya got your boobs, your belly and your butt. Nuff said.....

Thank you one skein secret are definately putting a smile on my face today!!

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Polly said...

WOW that is a great pal (One Skein or not!)

Also, like the new look of the blog.